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Melitta Ready Set Joe

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Patience and precision


I picked up the Melitta Ready Set Joe Brewer because I was wasting too much coffee on a daily basis. I placed the brewing device over my coffee cup and inserted a filter. I proceeded to dump a couple scoops of coffee grounds into the filter. I then slowly poured hot water into the filter and let the coffee slowly drip. I repeatedly poured water into the filter for about 5 minutes until I had a cup of coffee. The finished product resulted in a decent cup of coffee. It tasted okay, but it was missing that strong aroma and richness that gets me ready for the day. I decided to change my pouring method and tweaked my heating temperature. I heated up the water to 190 degrees and poured a couple ounces of water every minute. This time around my coffee was perfect. My coffee was extremely rich and vibrant. I will definitely continue to use the Ready Set Joe if time permits. Timing and precision is the only thing that holds me back from using this device on a consistent basis.


Westchester, IL


Easy way to have your own brew on the road.


This is a great little coffee brewer. I love to grind my own beans and have them at home or on the road. All that is necessary to use this simple coffee maker is ground coffee and hot water. The Melita Ready Set Joe sits over any cup. Great if you want to brew your coffee right into a thermal cup. You can use a scoop of coffee per cup if you like and the time it takes for the water to filter through the paper filter and small hole at the base of the funnel is how long it takes to have fresh coffee. I know most hotels offer free coffee now but there is nothing better than having name brand freshly ground coffee on the road. Brew Performance The coffee is not quite as good as a press or espresso but actually a bit better than a standard coffee maker. The water temperature can be controlled so as not to burn the coffee and the water flows through at just the right rate. The hole at the base is about 1/4 inch. Ease of Cleaning Use a paper coffee filter and simply tip it an through it in the garbage when you are done. A rinse is fine after. Skip the soap so you do not have soap residue. Occasionally clean it with your dishes and rinse well. Ease of Use Place filter in "Joe" and then the ground coffee followed by hot water. It will drip right into your cup.


Lake Elmo, MN


easy one cup coffee maker.


I love having a cup of coffee every morning, but I dislike using a regular coffee maker or a French press because it's too much of a hassle, and I find that I only really drink one full cup of coffee. That is why I purchased the Melitta Ready Set Joe. I had bought my mom one of these single brewing coffee makers at Starbucks but I decided to get the Melitta one because it was cheaper and it was made of a plastic that I could not break if I dropped it. The ready set joe makes the perfect cup of coffee, it's always as strong as I like it, and it always tastes nice, fresh, and hot. You can make any flavor of coffee as strong or weak as you like it. It's easy to clean, easy to use, you can travel with it, and share it with your friends. I never have any complains about this product, and I will never waste coffee again. Brew Performance I always get a strong cup of coffee with the Melitta Ready Set Joe. I usually use two small scoops of coffee, and it always comes out just the way I like it. Ease of Cleaning It's easy to clean. Most of the time I just throat away the filter, and rinse it in the sink really quick if I'm in a hurry. Then later on in the week I'm clean it with a sponge. Ease of Use It's easy to use. You just put the ready set joe over your desired coffee cup, you put a coffee filter in it, then put your desired scoops of coffee in the filter, and then pour boiling hot water over the coffee in the filter. Keep pouring the water until your coffee cup is as full as you'd like and that's it. Design I like the design, it's simple and easy to use because of it's design. Not to mention I like the bright red color. It's cute. Durability You can't break the Melitta Ready Set Joe because it is made of plastic not glass. Which is great because you can take this with you to work if you need to. I won't need to buy another one because this will last forever. There is no way to damage it.


Stroudsburg, PA


Old-School Single Serve


When all else fails, this 'Ready Set Joe' will make you a cup of coffee. Really, it's just a cone of plastic that sits atop a mug. You put a filter in it, scoop some regular ground coffee in the filter, and slowly (slowly!) pour hot water over the whole mess. Because of the little hole in the bottom of the cone, it will drip some coffee into said mug. This is probably one of the most old-school ways to make coffee, but hey, it works! I love mine, I definitely don't use it everyday, but it can be useful. I often use it when the power goes out (I have a little battery powered stove to heat water), or sometimes I travel with it because in-room hotel coffee can be awful. It's about as simplified as coffee makers get. And if you're looking for cheap, here it is. Coffee making doesn't come much cheaper, and it makes a good cup of coffee! The trick really is to pour the water slowly, so it doesn't filter through too fast. Easy to use, and if you live alone, it might be your best bet! Ease of Cleaning No cleaning involved - throw away filter with coffee grounds and voila! Durability Almost impossible to break!




Super-Energy Efficient Coffee Brewer


As a single person, I love the ability to brew a single cup of coffee where I can adjust whether to make it stronger or weaker. Unlike the expensive K-Cups, it takes the cost of regular coffee and a filter (and, of course, a coffee cup). I don't have to brew a whole pot and I don't have to worry about breaking the carafe down the line. I don't have to drink re-heated coffee because I don't want to waste the coffee. I love my little Melitta Ready Set Joe.


Richfield, OH


Melitta Ready Set Joe Single Cup Coffee Brewing System


The Melitta Ready Set Joe Single Cup Coffee Brewing System is great for using in a work environment where products with heating elements in office cubicles are prohibited. The Melitta Ready Set Joe Single Cup Coffee Brewing System is very simple to use. You just take the Melitta Ready Set Joe Single Cup Coffee Brewing System and place the Melitta Ready Set Joe Single Cup Coffee Brewing System over top of your mug, insert a filter, and scoop in your coffee grounds. Then pour hot water through the cone system and enjoy freshly brewed coffee! The slow drip tip is too wide and drips too fast, making the coffee just taste watered down. The Melitta Ready Set Joe Single Cup Coffee Brewing System would need a little modification to work properly and perculate the coffee well enough. This is no substitute for an actual coffee maker but for the low price you get the fix of caffeine you need.


Rochester, NY


Melitta Ready Set Joe - Great When You Need Just 1 Cup


**Melitta Ready Set Joe Single Cup Coffee Brewer**This is an awesome little appliance that serves it's purpose well. It's practical and pretty good quality. I use mine when I travel, since I refuse to use the dingy little coffeemakers that are usually in or too near to the bathroom in your hotel room. This unit brews one cup at a time, and makes a perfect tasting cup of java. When you grind a high quality bean, you get a high quality cup of cofffee in return. The machine is very compact and clean up is easy. You could easily use this at home when you only need one cup, it doesn't take up much counter space. It would also be great for the work office. It's always as clean as you keep it, I dislike public coffee makers.


La Palma, CA


Melitta Ready Set Joe

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