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Melitta Express Kettle

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Love this easy and quick kettle


I used to use this only for parties until I realized how much faster it works than a standard kettle, heated on the stove. Tea drinker here but also super quick for instant oatmeal, cup of noodles, etc.

Irvine, CA


Love it.


My husband and I registered for this product, Melitta Express Kettle, for our wedding. We have no regrets. It makes heating up water simple and easy. It also heats up water fairly fast. In the mornings, when I want water to make coffee in my french press or hot water for tea, I'll have my water ready in 1-2 minutes. We have been using the product for 2 years now. We have run into no problems. It is still boiling as good as the first day we bought it.  The machine is very easy to clean. My hand easily fits in kettle, making washing easy and fast. The only con I would list is that plastic is not always the most aesthetically pleasing material. Stainless steel always looks nicer to me. However, the plastic does save on the price for the product. And I am one who always loves to save money! In conclusion, I would recommend the Melitta Express Kettle to friends for it's convenient and reliable use in the home.

Peoria Heights, IL


This express Kettle is a must!


I can't say enough great things about this Melitta Kettle! It is a must have in our house and gets used sometimes multiple times a day. It's great for when you want to make some tea, hot cereal or anything you need hot water for. We make a lot of pizza crust from scratch and it calls for boiling water. This Kettle heats it up in just a few short minutes. I also love that I can set it down anywhere on my countertops and I don't have to worry about burn marks like I would with a stovetop kettle. It's easy to clean, so easy to use and a must have for anyone who frequently uses a stovetop kettle. I have even used it when I need some hot water to help clear a drain because sometimes the water out of the faucet just isn't hot enough. We've had this product for going on 5 years and it's held up perfectly.

Eagle Pass, TX


Melitta Express Kettle is worse than it used to be


The advantage of the kettle is the fast boiling time, and cordless pitcher, which is fairly standard nowadays.  However unlike a different model I've owned, this one has a plastic jug and exposed heating element, which makes is more difficult to clean. Plastic is just a poor choice for a cooking vessel as it retains and emits odors, and possibly releases chemicals into your food, especially when heating. A cheap metal carafe is easily possible, as Melitta showed with its earlier model; replacing it with a plastic one is just greedy, showing a foolish prioritisation of profit over quality. This shows elsewhere in this model in the flimsy switch and screen. The kettle also doesn't sit very securely in the base, making insertion and extraction more challenging. I do not expect this Kettle to last very long, and other reviewers have reported that it doesn't. Melitta has certainly taken a bad direction.

North Adams, MA


Melitta Express Kettle, safest way to boil water


The Melitta Express Kettle is a must have product for the home, the office or the college dorm.   It is the safest way to boil water as when the kettle boils the water it automatically turns off.  You never have to worry if you've left the stove on and the teapot boiling.  The price is affordable at 29.00-39.00.  You can find this product at many stores such as target or walmart.  Easy to use and clean, the Melitta express kettle is the best thing since sliced bread.    I often boil the water here in the kettle and then put it in a pot to boil my pasta. it helps to boil the water so much faster than the stove can. 

Acton, MA


My Melitta Kettle is a hot one to have - so handy!


I have owned my Melitta Express Kettle for a few years now and I often wonder what I did before owning this quick kettle?We are all tea drinkers in this house and at any given time we have up to 20 different varieties of hot tea on hand. I could do a tea review next! I first had the chance to use one of these while staying at my mom's house. She had hers for some time and I found it nice to use. It is compact, easy to use. Just add water, press the button and in about two minutes you have a pot of hot boiling water. I was used to the microwave heating up my cup of water for two minutes. Hot enough to get the tea bag warm, but after five minutes, it seemed like it cooled off before the tea had a chance to heat up. With this kettle you can make one cup at a time or several. This way everyone gets a hot cup of water to make tea, hot coco, cup of soup...etc. Cleans up easy. As for the little filter, I got rid of it right away, as I didn't feel it served a purpose in my home. The one I have does not shut off automatically, so I don't know if it ever did or not. It has steamed the finish off of my cabinet. My dog used to tell me that it was done and it was boiling. Now I have to stay in the kitchen or else!

Saint Cloud, MN


Oh my gosh, I love this thing!


This was an amazing find.  When my father passed away, we were cleaning out a closet and I found this teapot.  I'm not sure if he ever even used it, but man, it gets a ton of use in my house.  I use it to boil water for hot and iced tea, oatmeal, and even to boil water to put in a pan to make pasta LOL.  It is super fast.  It can boil a full pot in less than 3 minutes, then I can transfer it to a pot on the stove and pour the pasta right in.  It shuts off automatically when the water starts to boil, so I can set it and walk away without worrying about turning off a stove.  There is no change to the taste of water, and it fits perfectly on the countertop.  My sister-in-law who visited from Virginia loved it so much she ran out to find one.  My son also uses it regularly.  I've had it for over a year and a half now, and it still works perfectly. It was a great gift from my dad.

Morrisville, PA


This product was a lifesaver!


I purchased this kettle because my kitchen was under construction and I needed hot water for various tasks.  I was amazed at how convenient and quick this little appliance is!  I used it all the time for various hot water needs.  I even boiled eggs in it, but don't tell the manufacturer that!  I also used it for hot water to wash my dishes in a make shift sink.  My kitchen is nearly done and this little guy helped ease my lack of hot water blues! 

San Mateo, CA


Melitta Express Kettle

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