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Melitta Cone Coffee Filters

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Melitta Cone Filters Great, Basket Ones Too Small


I had a drip coffeemaker which brewed 14 cups of coffee,  and I used the Melitta Cone Filters for my coffee.   I loved those filters.   They were big enough so they held as much coffee as I wanted to put in,  and I do like mine strong.  I have nothing bad to say about these.  They are thick,  and,  also,  you can fold the tabs in to make them even stronger and fit into the cone better.   Unfortunately,  my coffeemaker died on me and I had to run to to get another right away (can't be without my coffee).   I ended up buying a Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Coffeemaker that had the basket type filter,  which I wasn't too pleased about,  since I had just stocked up on the Melitta filters.   I noticed that the basket filter seemed really small,  even though it said "fits most 8-12 cup coffeemakers".   I do have grounds coming through because of it.   I like the Melitta Cone Filters so much better,  and I will not be settling for the basket machine next time I need one!   I do recommend these for sure.

Aurora, CO


Melitta Cone Coffee Filters Always work great!


The Melitta Cone coffee filters cost a bit more than other lower quality brands but consistently work really well. My husband is the coffee drinker in the family, but I'm the grocery shopper, so I have a hard time picking out what to buy in terms of filters. The Melitta ones are ones I know will always fit the coffee maker I"m shopping for and hold up no matter what, we've never had them 'fall over' or bend down and cause problems in the coffee maker due to the filter being in the way. They have also more recently brought out unbleached ones, which is fantastic as the bleaching process is hard on the environment, plus by pouring hot water through the bleached ones you risk flushing out any residue left in the filters and having it in your coffee, when you're using them regular that could add up to quite a bit of exposure. The unfortunate aspect is that although it should be one less step in the manufacturing steps for the unbleached ones, you get less in a package compared to the bleached ones!

Champaign, IL


Melitta coffee filters help your coffee taste better!


I first started using Melitta Filters when I noticed the other brand of filters I was using seemed to make my coffee taste a little off, and there always seemed to be grounds in my coffee because the filter folded over.  Melitta filters are deep enough to make sure the coffee grounds don't spill over and clog up the pot causing a mess. I like a good cup of coffee with no grounds or fine mess in the bottom of my cup.  These filters are made with a microfine weave that filters out even the really fine grounds.  Making a flavorful pot of coffee with minimal mess. The filters come in a variety of sizes to fit most coffeemakers.  I also like the fact that the filters are recyclable and are 100% chlorine free.  If you are a coffee lover like I am you should give the Melitta filters a try.  I have had some of the best coffee I have ever brewed since I started using these filters.  The only drawback to these filters are they are a little more expensive then some other filters.  But if you waste coffee grounds due to folded ove filters etc. is it really worth it?

Sauk Centre, MN


Melitta Cone Coffee Filters

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