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Melitta 10-Cup Perfection Cone Filter Manual Coffeemaker

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Melitta 10-cup Perfection Cone Filter Manual Coffeemaker


I really enjoy using the Melitta 10-cup Perfection Cone Filter Manual Coffeemaker. I especially the cone design of the coffee filter holder. Even though the filter basket is made out of a plastic type material, I find it to be very durable. It is easy to clean. The handle on the side is perfectly balanced for placing or removing the coffee filter basket. I prefer the cone shape over a round filter shape because the filter stays in place better which results in less spillage of coffee grinds into the carafe. This glass carafe is very durable also. I have bumped and banged this carafe several times and each time I have had no chips, cracks or breakage. The handle to the glass carafe is strong and very durable also. The handle is designed so there is plenty of room to keep you hand or fingers away from the carafe when picking it up or sitting it down. The top that snaps into place for the carafe always fits snug and is easy to remove and clean.

Hermiston, OR


It works, what more do you need to say.


The Melitta Cone Filter Manual Coffeemaker is so simple nothing can go wrong.  It makes coffee.  Sometimes there is an invention so simple it will take a miracle of engineering to come up with a design that is more straightforward and functional.  The manual cone filter is one of those products.  The Melitta brand also makes heavy, durable cones that can withstand automatic dishwashers, rough hand washing, trips in suitcases, and a whole lot more. That's not to say that the manual cone filter is the perfect design.  It does require more supervision while the coffee is brewing and an over zealous operator can easily overfill the cone while the coffee is filtering.  But any French press enthusiast can appreciate the hands-on coffee making experience. Buy the Melitta Manual Cone Filter if you want an inexpensive hands-on coffee making experience Buy something else if you're only buying a coffee maker because you want to save time waiting in line at Starbucks (i.e., you want coffee fast and don't care about much else).

Eugene, OR


The Melitta Cone Filter Coffeemaker works everywhere you go.


The Melitta drip coffeemaker is a classic coffeemaker that everyone should have. The box label states that it is convenient, and is an ideal 2nd coffeemaker. It's also ideal for those of us who sometimes go to hotels, and is a great place to store food, vitamins, and ties when its packed. Your socks go on the outside of the Melitta. The hotel coffeemaker can be used to make soup, which saves the power of the Melitta for your coffee. A word of advice is that the user need not use a lot of coffee when making a fine cup of java to get on the go, as the Melitta is better at getting the most out of your coffee grinds, without having all the nasty taste of the percolator coffee, thus the Melitta is the best. If you like cafe latte, heating your milk in the hotel coffeemaker with a little bit of chocolate syrup, then whipping it up into a froth with a fork, and mixing it with the Melitta is excellent. There is no technology to the Melitta, thus there is very little to be explained, or to explain, and it's obvious when something goes wrong with the coffeemaker. There are no confusing lights, bells, buttons, whistles, timers, spigots or other devices on this coffeemaker for those of us who are continually multi-tasking while making our morning or evening brew. A cup of coffee is easy to make for the morning after, the morning before, or during a more than slightly overly busy work week when a coffee user chooses wisely to use a Melitta and save the fancy gadget for some event or during downtime relaxation.    

Huntington Station, NY


Melitta 10-Cup Perfection Cone Filter Manual Coffeemaker

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