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Activity Toy, Wooden
Melissa & Doug
Melissa & Doug Wooden Take Along Tool Kit

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Fun way to do what mom and dad do.


This is a great toy that will help children imitate parents and practice fine motor skills. It comes with a hammer, screwdriver, wrench, nuts and bolts, nails and some small boards with holes. The size and colors are great. All of these pieces will fit into the toolbox, if put away carefully. If just thrown in, they do not all fit. My children love to either hammer any part of it or screw the bolts and nuts onto the sides of the box. [Side note: they also like to hammer any other object with the hammer :)] They sometimes also stack the small pieces of wood together and screw and bolt them together. It is great for helping them practice using their fingers for small tasks. This is not a toy that you take out of the box and presto your child is off an running (unless they have had prior experience). It does take some instruction and practice, so don't be discouraged if it takes a while for your child to warm up to it. It took mine a while (except for the hammer). They are getting more adept at using it and so now play longer with it. The instructions on the box also have activities to help the child with other learning games, such as sorting the objects, counting or naming the colors. I wish it had a few more holes or something to actually "hammer" with. I'm used to a bench in which you can hammer the nails and they get tighter as you hammer. These nails simply fit. There really is no need to hammer them. Plus you must place the box on its side and it doesn't always stay level. Aside from that it is a great toy to help little ones practice some finger manipulation and be like mom and dad. Once they get the hang of getting the bolts on the nuts, they can move on to using the screwdriver or wrench to turn the nuts . It takes some practice to learn the skills needed for this toy so it may end up being a toy that stays around for a while, which wouldn't be a bad thing in my house.



Melissa & Doug Wooden Take Along Tool Kit

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