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Melaleuca Zap-it!

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Melaleuca Zap-It really dried my daughter out


 A friend of mine who sells Melaleuca recommended that I try Melaleuca Zap-It for my daughter.  My daughter is 14 years old and has been having a problem with acne.  I liked the idea of the Melaleuca being a "natural" product.  I liked the idea of not putting chemicals on her face.  Well the good news is that it worked pretty well at clearing up her acne.  The bad news is that after about a month she started to have extremely dry skin.  She told me that her skin actually hurt and that it burned when she was using the products.  She does have sensitive skin so we did try to cut it back a little to see if maybe she was just using too much for her skin type but she continued to have the dry skin. We did stop it completely and then waited for her skin to go back to normal.  After her skin was better she did want to try it again and used one quarter of the recommended amount and she had the same reaction.  I am happy to say that when I returned it Melaleuca did give me a complete refund. I think that Melaleuca is a good company but this product just did not work for my daughter although it may work for other people with less sensitive skin. Effectiveness It did help with her acne. Ease of Application Very easy to put on. Convenience Easy to use bottle - ready at any time. Side Effects Really dried my daughter's skin out - had to quit using it. - I will say this though - Melaluca did give an immediate refund when I told them the problems we were having so even though the product did not work they are a very ethical company. Immediacy Cleared up acne ok but the drying out was awful.

Wister, OK


I Love this product.


I have used Zap it for several years. I absolutely Love this product. I have read many reviews of people who have dry skin,. It is very important to add a moisturizer if your skin becomes dry. Remember that this product is for acne., It gets deep in the skin and helps to stop the acne from forming. You can still moisturize your face. I am 47 and still break out on occasion. Within two days of using zap it,. my acne goes away. I would recommend it to anyone who has acne issues. The ingredients in this are great. I have tried many other products with very little success. Effectiveness Excellent ingredients . great product Convenience Very easy to use . Side Effects Some have dry skin from use. Use a moisturizer if this is an issue. Immediacy For me it has worked in very little time., 2-3 days.



Helps prevent pimples, but smells awful


Having oily skin, I tend to still get pimples, even in my 30s.  Usually not full on outbreaks, but a few here and there - enough that I wanted to do something about them.  We were purchasing Melaleuca products anyway so I decided to try their Zap-it system. I was expecting a lot more from these products.  They did seem to help prevent pimples, I'll give them that.  But after a few uses, I found my skin had become extremely dry.  I felt as if there was a filmy residue left on my face after using the cleanser.  They also have an unpleasant, medicinal scent.  After a few weeks, my face began to feel irritated as well.  At that point I stopped using most of the products. The one part of the Zap-it system I do still use is the Zap-it Quick Stick.  When I get a pimple or feel one forming, I dab it with the Quick Stick and it clears up quickly or never comes in at all.  Though it has a very strong medicinal odor, even after it dries.  But by itself, it doesn't dry out or irritate my skin.

Oakland Gardens, NY


Melaleuca Zap It Works Fabulous!


I have some problems with acne. Not a whole lot but enough that I get embarassed sometimes. I mean, who likes having pimples on their face:) So I am often trying out new acne face care items. I was ordering from Melaleuca so I went ahead and tried their Zap It face care products as well. This has a very strong Melaleuca smell. I mean strong! I have a very hard time using it as it is that strong. If you can get past that, it does work pretty good. I started noticing a difference after about a week. It stayed about the same for a few days, then I could tell it was drying the oil off my face. I used the whole program, the cleaner, toner and leave on treatment. They all smell like melaleuca. And it leaves your face smelling that way as well. I still had some problems with breakouts even after using it for a while. These are good sized bottles so it lasts for about a month. But my sister had better experience with it. Overall, an okay product.

Panama City, FL


Zap-It became a life saver!


After trying prescribed Benza-Clin, Differin and even ProActiv I thought nothing would work on my skin. Nothing! Well, I discovered zap-it by Melaleuca. I used it before bed and by the morning, I saw improvements! I didn't know what to do. I was so amazed because for so long I thought there was nothing that would work for me. After you cleanse your face, your face feels so smooth, it's unbelievable! I do have to admit though that after you do wash your face, your face does get a little dry. I didn't care about the dryness. I'd rather have dry skin rather than having acne. As a moisturizer, I use Cetaphil. It helps with the dry skin and your face is on its way to being acne free. Such a great invention. It comes as a 4-pack. Zap-It wash, astringent, cream and an oil stick. You can use the oil stick throughout the day on little blemishes that you may have. I have never seen anything as powerful as Zap-It!!!

Mechanicsville, VA


Stops those pimples right away


I had originally purchased this product for my teenage son. He would only use the system part of the time. I saw him use the Zap-it stick all of the time. He said whenever he felt like a pimple was coming on, he would roll the zap-it stick on and the pimple usually never developed. I bought my own zap-it stick and now use it for the exact same purpose. More often than not, it stops the pimple from ever developing. You just roll the Zap-it stick on the area you feel is getting ready to break out. I sometimes do this both in the morning and in the evening for several days. So far it has seemed to work really well. It stops the pimple. There is a slight medicinal odor, but it goes away in a few minutes as soon as the product is fully absorbed and becomes dry. I think anyone that has acne problems or simply breaks out now and then will enjoy the great results they will receive from using the product.

Colorado Springs, CO


It works!


My mom has been selling the Melaleuca products. She knows i've been suffering with acne for years now and she bought the zap it products for me. Its a 3 step process but I only use the first one. The face wash cleanser. If I use all of them my face gets too dry and starts peeling so I just use the cleanser now when i'm in the shower. My acne has gotten so much better since I started using it. My breakouts are less often and not as bad and my skin doesn't get oily anymore. All in all its a very good product and I would recommend trying it. Also it's good for the environment cause its a melaleuca product. I've tried proactive and i've tried tons and tons of other face washes that you buy from the drug stores and they all seem to make me break out more. The all natural stuff really works for me and I think its better for you. You dont get all those harsh chemicals that get into your blood stream.

Vineland, NJ


Melaleuca Zap-it!

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