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Melaleuca Vitality Gold Multivitamin

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These vitamins are the best I have ever taken.


I have tried so many multi vitamins and have never seen noticable results until I started taking Melaleuca brand Vitality Gold for Women (they also have one for Men).  I have seen a difference in my skin tone, my nails are growing like crazy and have more energy.  They come in convenient AM and PM packages so they are quite convenient too.  You have to order them online through Melaleuca.  I found out about them at a home party.  You can become a member and get them cheaper.  The membership is very affordable and totally worth it.  They have tons of other products too but the Vitamins are one of my favorites.  Hope you find this review useful.

Peabody, MA


Awesome Vitamins


Melaleuca Vitality Gold Vitamins are fantastic. Literally after 3 days of taking the am/pm packets I was feeling more energetic. They do come in conveinent packs so you can take then on trips etc. The only downfall to these vitamins being in an am/pm packs is I would forget to take the pm pack. So if Melaleuca would make a Vitality Gold that was just one pack a day that would be awesome. I am not one to take 12 vitamins a day, there are at least 6 in each am/pm pack. Other than that this is a great product and fairly priced, if you are a monthly paying Melaleuca member.

Merced, CA


Melaleuca Vitality Gold Multivitamin

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