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Melaleuca Moisturizing Liquid Soap - White Tea & Ginger

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One bottle of soap goes a long way


I love that I don't have to replace a bottle of soap every few weeks! This soap smells great and is good for anywhere in the house - bathroom, kitchen, etc. I also love that you only need a little bit on your hands to get a good wash. It seems to last forever! It's also a good clean product for the home and the environment. And it doesn't dry my hands out like other soaps! It's nice that is has some scrubbing beads built into it also, to get those hands a little cleaner. The downside is that it's currently only available by mail order, but I'd still highly recommend it. Effectiveness Gets the job done - cleans and smells good, too! Once in a while I see drops on the sink though and those get pretty grimy/sticky. It'd be nice if everything stayed either on your hands or in the bottle so I don't have to scrub the sink so hard. Still love this product though and I'll keep right on buying it! Scent Love the smell and it's not too girly either!




Melaleuca Moisturizing Liquid Soap - White Tea & Ginger

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