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Melaleuca Calmicid Antacid Supplement

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The whole family uses it


Although I feel that my family does not use a lot of this product, I feel that it works as well as if not better than other products that have similiar qualities. The melaleuca calmicid antacid is easy to use and pleasant tasting. It does not leave my mouth feeling chalky and dry like several others that myself and my family have used over the years. This is an all natual product and I like the fact that my children can use it when they have an upset stomach. My youngest son, when he has a stomach actully asks for a calmicid by name! I think that says a lot by itself. We don't use it frequently because we have been blessed to be a rather healthy family and rarely have stomach aches or heart burn. I just like having it on hand for when we do need it and knowing that not only does it work, but it is something that everyone in the family can take and use. It is cost effective and lasts a long time. I do not like that you have to order from online to purchase it.

Colorado Springs, CO


Melaleuca Calmcid is a real stomach relief


My husband has used Rolaids for years and years and they have recently been really hard to obtain due to a recall.  I had a friend convince me to buy a bottle of Melaleuca Calmcid Antacid Supplements and I am now hooked.  I have always hated the chalky bitter taste of rolaids and the Calmcid is actually quite pleasant to the taste.  It is a subtle minty flavor that is not overpowering. My mouth does not feel super dried out after using it either.  It works as well if not better at controlling heartburn and acid indigestion then Rolaids and I firmly believe it is better then Tums.  It seems to work very quickly and I rarely have to take more than one of them.  I have given it to my husband to try and it likes it as much as I do and I have the feeling that even when Rolaids are available again - he may continue to use them.  The only drawback is that as far as a man goes - my husband always carried a roll of Rolaids in his pocket and this only comes in a bottle so not pocket friendly at all. Good product though and I will continue to use.

Wister, OK


Melaleuca Calmicid Antacid Supplement

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