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Melaleuca Access Performance Bars

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Great fat loss product


I've been eating the access bars for 4 weeks. I get up in the morning and have my 2 cups of coffee while watching the news. Then I eat 1 access bar while making the bed and getting dressed for my walk. After 15 minutes of eating the bar, I walk somewhere between 3-6 miles and have plenty of energy to keep going. When I started, my body fat percentage was 30.27 and today it is 18.2. Testimony to fact... It burns the fat!

Paris, AR


Pretty good, but expensive


I have to say, I only tried these bars because I wanted to know what they were like. I didn't use them for weight loss, but thought they might be good to have on hand for our workouts. They taste fine and they certainly provide that filled up feeling when you're hungry. The one problem is that they are super expensive! The box only has a few bars in it and the cost is somewhat prohibitive for our budget. They have good flavors and they are packaged very well. They are fresh and individually pouched in the box. They are easy to take along in a gym bag, pocketbook or backpack. The bar does leave you feeling full, but I can't attest to any claims of burning fat. I will admit that I did not eat them on a regular basis, so they may in fact do what they claim. My hope in purchasing these bars was to have another good option for a workout bar that would taste good, replenish nutrients, kill hunger and be convenient. They do accomplish all of those requirements, but unfortunately they are are a huge disappointment with regard to price.

Trenton, NJ


No more diets,pills,or empty promises !!!


Wow, is an understatement !!! Access bars are simply amazing.They give me good, lasting energy with out the after effects of feeling tired or burnt out.They taste like a candy bar and I have in no way changed my diet.I eat pizza,drink soda,eat sweets ect. as most of us seem to do! YET, LISTEN UP! IN LESS THAN 5 MONTHS I HAVE LOST 35 +lbs., THREE RING SIZES, AND WENT FROM SIZE 18 PANTS TO A SIZE 9 YESTERDAY!!!!! WITHOUT DIETING, HEAVY WORK OUTS OR PILLS. ITS SIMPLE. I EAT AN ENERGY BAR ON AN EMPTY STOMACH IN THE MORNING. IT GIVES ME ENOUGH NATURAL ENERGY, MY BODY STARTED CRAVING WALKS. SO I STARTED WALKING 1/2 TO 1 MILE A DAY ON AND OFF. SOME TIMES DAILY, AND OTHER TIMES NOT FOR A WEEK. I did not really notice the difference in my weight as I was not trying to loose any. I just liked the energy the bars gave me.My husband started noticing a big difference right away. But I thought he was just trying to make me feel good.It was not until my clothes no longer fit that I realized how much weight I had shed!! TRY IT, ITS RISK FREE. YA DON'T LIKE THEM SEND THEM BACK AND GET A REFUND!! E-MAIL ME IF YOU WOULD LIKE MORE INFORMATION !! thekeyisnow@yahoo.com thekeyisopportuinty.com or 541-272-7054 HAVE AN AMAZING DAY



Weight falls off, energy soars!


**My Promise:  easiest weight loss plan in the world**All you have to do is eat one of these bars on an empty stomach, go do some exercise, and your body burns fat for fuel.  You'll have extra energy for your workout, and you won't have the soreness that comes from lactic acid build-up.  Pretty amazing promise, huh?  Well, it's true.  **The Science:  Patented product a result of 17 years of research**An old friend told me about the Melaleuca company's Access Performance Bars.  He explained that famous long-distance swimmer Tammy Van Wisse, who holds multiple  world records, uses these bars as her nutritional support plan prior to workouts and competitions.  He gave me the rundown on how the bars re-wire your body to burn fat instead of muscle, and how they prevent the process that causes lactic acid build-up (the cause of soreness afterward).  Apparently, a doctor worked on developing these bars, for 17 years.  I emailed Tammy Van Wisse and she told me that.**The Proof:  I Eat, I Exercise, I Lose!**It's that simple.  I eat one small Access bar 15 minutes before I work out (tennis match, tennis clinic, gym or walking) and always on an empty stomach (water, tea or coffee without cream is okay) .  Then I go do my thing, and WOW, I have so much more energy, it's amazing.  I can cruise on a power walk for 5 miles.  I can work out for hours.  I can play tennis for hours.   And then.....**the weight just falls off**.  It's like magic.  I only use Access bars 4-5 times a week, usually instead of breakfast (although they're not technically a meal replacement bar) and I continue to lose.  I only wanted to lose about 10 pounds but I am almost there and **it has been E-A-S-Y**.   I have since learned that several serious athletes are relying on these bars, so I'm in good company.  I think if I keep this up, I *may* even be able to eat a little more of whatever I want to, and stay in good shape.  We'll see!   **How to Purchase**Melaleuca is a home-based business so the bars aren't available in stores.  I signed up with the company through my friend, so that I would get a discount on what I bought.  I didn't honestly pay much attention to the business or the cost;  I just wanted "access" to Access bars!   ;-)   So I guess you have 3 choices:  let me put you in touch with my friend;  go to the company's web site and learn your options for buying; or find someone who is a distributor and knows the product.   (Send me a COMMENT and I'll put you in touch with my friend).  And please, let me know your *own* results, by sharing them here!  I am curious to see if everyone else loves these bars as much as I do.    The Bottom Line: *** Libby Loves It!***

Sanibel, FL


Melaleuca Access Performance Bars

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