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Meijer Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

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Great tasting chips


These chips are awesome. The taste has that kettle cooked flavor. The crunch is the perfect crunch. It has texture and doesn't just fall apart. The price is much lower than the national brands. With such a great price and taste, it's definitely a great buy.



Meijer Kettle Cooked Potato Chips are cooked in cottonseed oil!!


I purchased these in the past and really liked them but, like a lot of stuff anymore, the quality has dropped. I bought a bag today and was disappointed to find the chips folded in half and stuck together. Also I noticed on the label that they have started using cottonseed oil. Cottonseed oil cheap but it should never be used in food processing. Long term use will make you sick. I'm taking the chips back for a refund.

Lexington, KY


Crunchy and delicious!


These chips are really awesome!  They are super crunchy and tasty!  You can get a great deal on them by watching the sales, and they are way cheaper than competing brands.  Try them, if you like Kettle Cooked chips and you won't be sorry!

Mansfield, OH


Yummy chips with big crunch and little price


So chips are an off limit items in my house, but on occasions I will splurge and buy some, so when I do I want something good.  I love kettle chips.  During a recent holiday gathering the chip aisle was looking a bit thin, so I browsed and found the Meijer Kettle chips.  When I got them home I put them in a bowl and at the end of the evening the chips were gone.  Myself and all of my guests were mmm-mming around the kettle chip bowl.  They have a really good chip flavor, just the right thickness for a kettle chip with a good crunch.  I have continued to purchase this brand over the brand name.  The price is nothing to sneeze at too.  The Meijer Kettle chips are about 30% less then the brand names with the same if not better quality of chip.  Like I said I don't eat chips that often but when i do I go for the Meijer Kettle chips.  They are priced nicely and the flavor, texture and crunch can't be beat.  MMM - glad meijer is 24 hrs, cause now I want some kettle chips.  MMMMM

Cincinnati, OH


Meijer Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

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