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Magnetic Toy, preschool educational toy
Mega Bloks
Mega Bloks Magtastik Preschool Magnetic Building System

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An excellent set for allowing children to be creative. I am a childminder and use these with kids aged 18months right up to 5 years and they all love them. A very worthwile toy! Only downside would be the 28 pieces that the set comes with is maybe not enough - I have just ordered another set to allow more kids to play with these at one time. They are hard to get in the UK too after the product was recalled.



Fun for preschoolers and adults, too!


Mega Bloks Magtastik Preschool Magnetic Building System is a really fun block set that relies on magnets to hold the pieces together. This makes it a snap for young children to build with! My young 19  month old daughter can use these blocks, and has a good time experimenting with the power of magnetism.  Older preschoolers will get a kick out of the funny eyes and feet that you can use to turn the blocks into creatures.  I like that the system is big enough to not be a choking hazard, and I love that it is so easy to use.  The magnets can't hold a lot of weight, so structures will collapse if not engineered right- which may frustrate young builders.  As with any ball, these do have a tendency to roll away... not a huge deal, but definately adds to the mess factor. I don't think the initial set comes with enough blocks to be creative. I would recommend you get several sets to have enough to allow several kids create large structures. 

Hickory, NC


Magtastiks by Mega Bloks is Magnetic Preschool FUN!


**Magtastiks byMega Bloks** **Magtastiks**  is a preschool magnetic building system for little ones ages 3+.  There are 12 pieces ( you can buy additional bags or specific kits to add to your collection), which consist of 7 sticks (magnets on each end) and 5 magnetic balls.    All pieces work together so your preschooler can spends hours creating magnetic fun! The **Magtastiks** come in a thick plastic carrying case with a handle.  The case could be a hazard and I recommend putting the bag up away from children while they are playing with the toy. **Magtastiks by Mega Bloks** is one of the most played with toys in my daycare. The kids LOVE to get them out.  The ideas that they come up with are endless.  From magnetic towers to long magnetic trails, the children have SO much fun!  The bright primary colors help **Magtastiks** become a learning game.  Often we play...go find the blue magnetic ball, etc. Recommend for ages 3+ but even the younger toddlers love getting in on the fun! This is a great Christmas gift idea for any child, boy or girl, ages 3 and older!

Detroit, MI


Mega Bloks Magtastik Preschool Magnetic Building System

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