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Medtronic Paradigm 722

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I love my Medtronic pump.


This is a great insulin pump. There are many great features on the pump, including the Bolus Wizard, temporary basal rates, and alarms. The pump comes in many colors: black, clear, pink, blue, and purple. There are many different types of infusion sets to choose from also that are compatible with this pump.



When the product was owned by MiniMed is was excellent.


I first started wearing an insulin pump in 1996 and I am currently using my 5th pump. At that time I purchased the pumps, the company was Mini Med. The customer service was excellent. They took care of everything for me, all I had to do was pay my co-pay. Since this company has changed to Medtronic, the customer service is horrible. They have made mistakes in billing more than once which caused me to have to pay a large amount in deductibles. As a previous medical biller I have tried to explain to the customer service reps how to bill to my insurance company. They have no interest in learning or being helpful. They continue to chant their mantra of, "let me remind you that we bill your insurance as a courtesy to you". When I finally found someone who would listen to me and agree to bill the correct way, there was no apology, and they refused to right the wrong. It is obvious they don't care anything about customer service. I have never had a problem with any of the pumps, but they have all been from Mini Med. My greatest disappointment with Medtronic happened a couple of years ago. I had a significant problem with the Quick Sets. My blood glucose was running around 400 which was very unusual for me. I called Medtronic several times because it seemed to me that my pump was not delivering insulin. The people on the help line insisted that I was doing something wrong even tough I am an experienced pump user who never had a problem keeping my A1C in the 5-6 range before this time. I had just about decided that I would go back to injections when I received notice from Medtronic that they were recalling the lot of Quick Sets that I had used for the last year. When I received the new lot of Quick Sets, amazingly my blood glucose went back to normal! I am surprised Medtronic has not been sued for letting the defective product remain in use for so long. I wonder what kind of damage has been done to those of use who lived with blood glucose in the 400 range for a year. Since I have a working pump from Mini Med I continue to purchase supplies from Medtronic. I just received a large bill from them once again. It looks like someone didn't like billing correctly and they are back to their old way of billing. I am calling them tomorrow to say, good riddance to you, I will never use your product again! I will be looking for another supplier to use and when this pump stops working, I will NOT be buying another one from Medtronic.



This Insulin Pump Is My Lifeline


As most diabetics know, there is a variety of ways to get the insulin you need. Well, after trying a few, I finally settled on the Medtronic Paradigm 722 insulin pump, and it is amazing. The only complaint I have is the price, which without health insurance would be too expensive. But for what it is and how it allows people with diabetes to live, it is worth every penny. After being on the pump for over four years, I haven't found a situation that the 722 is not capable in. My main praise for this is the durability; It hasn't failed my when I've needed it most, and when there has been an issue, like the button was wore out, the customer support shipped a replacement out to me next day. This pump is definitely water resistant; which I established after an hour long motorcycle ride in a downpour with the pump buckled out in the open on by belt. It is also able to keep pace in physically active environments such as hiking, mountain biking or running. I was also pleasantly surprised when it survived after taking a 170 mile per hour paint ball from 10 feet away. All considered, this is a very tough piece of live saving equipment, and I couldn't "live" without it.

Azusa, CA


Medtronic Paradigm 722

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