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Medline Industries
Medline MedSpa Shaving Cream

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Medline Shaving Cream kept my husband from growing a beard


My husband was recently in hospital. I had taken him to the E.R. so all he had with him was his clothes, and slippers. It was so nice that he was given a bowl with numerous toiletries in it. One of these was Medline Med-Spa Shaving Cream. It is a white can, with a label that has green on part of it, and black/white writing. It has a push down top, and contains 1.5 fluid ounce (42.5 g). On the second day Len was starting to have a beard, so I picked up the shaving cream, shook the can, and then pressed down on the top. Out came a pleasant smelling lather, which I put on his beard area. I then used a razor to take it off. Len looked so much better after using it, and felt clean too. I brought it home, and will use the rest when I am at our timeshare. Perfect travel size. Effectiveness Len was clean shaven after using it. Scent Light smell, which is great when you are in hospital.

New Port Richey, FL


Medline MedSpa Shaving Cream

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