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Medline Industries
Medline MedSpa Roll-on Antiperspirant

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Both wonderfully effective and safe to use.


Due to several health problems I spent most of a summer in and out of hospitals with multiple surgeries. On entering the first time I was given a complimentary sample. Having had time to use the entire 1.5 oz. bottle I found it to be by far the best product of its kind I'd ever used (and I'd tried many of them). It is very effective and without any irritation. I'm on-line now to find a way to get more to continue to use it.



Medline Roll-on Antiperspirant is no frills but works fine


My husband was recently in hospital. I had taken him to the E.R. so all he had with him was his clothes, and slippers. It was so nice that he was given a bowl with numerous toiletries in it. One of these was Medline Med-Spa Roll-on Antiperspirant. It is a white roll on bottle, with a label that has green on part of it, and black/white writing. It is 1.5 fluid ounce 94.5 ml). Upon unscrewing the top, there is the ball, that when rubbed, will allow the antiperspirant to come out. The smell is very much like baby powder. All you do it rub it under your arms, and let it dry. My husband had had a cerebral hemorrhage, brain mass/tumor, and so I had to take care of him. I gave him a bed bath, and then rubbed the antiperspirant under his arms. It made him smell better, and stay fresh. We brought it home with us so that he could finish it. It worked well.

New Port Richey, FL


Medline MedSpa Roll-on Antiperspirant

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