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Medisana Ultrasonic Personal Humidifier with Timer

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This product helps my baby and me sleep better!


My husband bought this humidifier for me after seeing it on QVC. I've had it now for four days and so far I'm very happy with the product. This is light and super easy to set up. If you fill it all the way to 20 ounces it will run for 9 hours which means all night for us! You can also set it up for intervals for your office or anywhere you want to and it should improve the quality of your air. It is meant for a room, not for a whole house but I have actually moved it with me from kitchen to day to the bedroom at night.The instructions recommend you to use distilled or bottled water but I have waterfilter in my tab so I just fill it straight from there. This product is very silent and the mist is cool, big difference for the old clumsy humidifiers with filters I've seen before!You get a little bottle of eucalyptus drops with it, I had a hard time getting the drops out of the bottle without unscrewing the dropper. They tell you to use 2-5 drops but frankly I don't think that was enough when we were all stuffy with cold. I'd had it running in my bedroom close to my youngest child's bed and I can state for a fact that it has not hurt him any! He seemed to get over his cold unusually fast, I don't know if it was because of the mist at night or not but I do believe it was a factor.The fact that this stays cool to the touch is important for me with 5 children running around the house, they really cannot get hurt by this humidifier!. You can also move the direction of the mist around to suit your needs.I learned that if you move it when it is full and end up getting too much water on the bottom it will not work. This is why the instructions tell you not to move it whi le it is full. It is easy to fix, you just remove the water container and wipe off the water on the bottom and then it should work fine again.I wish the cord would be little longer, I had to rearrange my sidetable next to my chair in the livingroom to reach the socket. It would  be nice to be able to shut off the blue timer screen while operating if you wanted, but maybe it is safer to have it on?The blue light on the dome is very pretty and makes a wonderful night ligt. It creates shapes to my ceiling and I really like that feature and so do my children. You can shot the light on and off very easily by a touch of a button.You can use different scented drops on the water if wanted and I will find out more about that, I'm hoping to be able to add a hint of vanillin on the water! The instructions warn you about the liquids that might brake the machine, so I need to experiment more.As of now I'm thinking about getting a second unit and place it next to my plants in the living room, they seem to droop a little in the winter months and I'm sure that little mist would be a nice booster for them too!

Honesdale, PA


A passable and small humidifier


Dry indoor air causes many problems like dryness of eyes & skin and congested nose. The best aid to improve indoor air is a humidifier. Medisana Ultrasonic is a small humidifier which evaporation capacity is low. On the other hand it also has a low power consumption. The usability of Medisana is quite easy. Along with humidifying options, this device has great built-in LED lighting. Because Medisana is so narrow, it falls easily. I've had one humidifier before and this is my second humidifier. And I must say, this little fellow is a good match for my old humidifier. I'm an allergic person and this humidifier really helps. Cleaning of Medisana requires carefulness, because this humidifier has small details. In my view it takes a great deal of time when you clean it thoroughly. Medisana Ultrasonic is a good humidifier for small rooms. It has a cheap price but I'd still look for other alternatives, if you have extra money.

Atlanta, GA


DO NOT buy the Medisana Ultrasonic Personal Humidifier.


This product is faulty and unreliable. After 6 months it stopped working - I think it was the motor. It was still under warranty, so Medisana sent a replacement... within 2 months the replacement started to make a very loud grinding sound and then stopped working altogether. Medisana would not replace it. This is a horrible product and Medisana takes no responsibility for it.

Beverly Hills, CA


we are done with American designed and made in China humidifiers


I am not happy with this one either. I can not comprehend why people buy this humidifier. My wife is suffering from asthma, and dust that this type of humidifiers produce is unbearable. How it supposed to help people with asthma? Personally we tried about dozen of humidifiers and none of them does the job. Our only chance is to try some European brands, we are done with American designed and made in China humidifiers.   

Feasterville Trevose, PA


Works & Looks Great


I have purchased so many humidifiers in the past only to find that they really don't work wel & have been tossed.   I purchased this one hoping it would throw out the moisture needed in our rather large family room that is always dry.   This little machine really throws out the moisture, has a timer on it or it will run til dry which I really like cause it doesn't leave any water laying to build up bacteria.   But, I must warn you that you must put it somewhere that it will throw out the moisture & not damage furniture.  I had a hard time finding a place to sit it until I thought of my top of our fireplace.  It's made up of white split rock so the moisture can't hurt it plus it throws it out far enough that the mist drifts in the air rather than falling on anything.   I also like the blue light that stays lit while it's running.   Serves the purpose needed but needs to have some adjustable knob to have the mist go where you want it to.

Williamsport, MD


Medisana Ultrasonic Personal Humidifier with Timer

2.6 5