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Medialink Medialink Wireless Router

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Medialink router is just as good as the big boys


I have to admit the medialink router wasn't my first or second choice for a wireless n router but I'm glad how things worked out. I tried ordering 2 different routers and both of my orders were canceled due to quickly running out stock. I came across the medialink router when I was looking at the reviews on the net. This device received a perfect score from majority of the users. I was intrigued by this but still apprehensive because I had never heard of this brand in my life but I guess every one has to start some where. After looking around for a couple more minutes I decided to pull the trigger and purchase this device. This router come with power adapter, setup disc, start up guide, router, and 1 cat5 cable, which could have been longer but it's not a big deal. The router is very light and small. It doesn't occupy a lot of space and the antenna is internal, which is plus to me. Setup took no longer then 10 minutes. Everything is pretty straight forward especially for those who are tech savvy and even if you're not the directions are simple to follow. My computer recognized the device immediately and I was up and running on the internet shortly after. There was no need for me to use the setup disc since I'm using a cable modem but I guess it might come in handy if you have dsl. The only con I can see with this device is the blue led lights can be quite bright in dark rooms but that can be remedied by covering the device or moving it out of sight if it's an issue for some. This item does everything all the big name routers do for a fraction of the cost.

Westchester, IL


Medialink Medialink Wireless Router

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