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Medela Lactina-Plus Breastpump

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the medela lactina pump is one of a kind!


I am a full time working mom.  i was a little concerned when i had to go back to work and leave my 8 week old breast fed baby.  i wasn't sure i was going to be able to keep up with his demand! this pump made my life so much easier with it's automatic settings.  with a little practice before i went back to work, i was a pro in no time! I was not only able to keep up with my son, but i was able to always save a little milk that i was able to pump each day for a special occasion when i had to leave my son.  it definitely gave me peace of mind to know that i was not going to run out of milk! I did not buy this pump though, i have a friend who is a lactation consultant and she let me borrow the pump! I used this for a whole entire year.  These have great motors in them and will not burn out anytime soon.  If you're looking to buy a pump and will breastfeed more than one child, this might be a pump for you!

Canton, OH


the Medela Lactina Electric Plus is officient.


**I first received the Medela lactina Electric Plus breast pump about 4 days after i had my son. I was having trouble getting my milk to come in, i was also inverted so breastfeeding was barely even an option. But with the Medela Lactina Electric Plus breast pump i was able to get milk out without having to give up on breastfeeding completely. Because it's electric it's fast, it also has speed settings on it that make it easier for you if your tender or sore at all. It's very officient, because while your able to adjust the speed, when you set the speed higher it seems to pump a little harder as well, getting more milk out as you are pumping. One of the greatest and most convenient features about the Medela Lactina Electric breast pump that i found is that there is part of it that is detachable, so if you wanted to take it on the go but didnt have an outlet, the  part you can detach makes it so you can manually pump when you dont have the option to plug it in. Even more convenient if you want to pump one breast at a time, that's an available option as well!. It's fast and easy to use, It even has instructions on the back that are on a sticker just in case you needer further instructions to use it.**

Sedro Woolley, WA


The Medela Lactina-Plus allows you to pump comfortably anywhere.


This is a good pump to use. I tried at least two other store brands before acquiring the Medela through a local health services program. The store brands were EXTREMELY painful and caused scarring. The Medela was comfortable and easy to use. I could nurse the baby on one arm and pump with the other. The only drawbacks to this model are that, it runs by electricity only, so it is not practical if you need to pump on the go, and there is no stand so you have to hold the bottle in your hand while pumping. Sometimes this can cause your arm to get a little tired. Overall, I was very satisfied with the Medela Lactina-Plus and would definitely use it again if I had another child.

Richmond, VA


Medela Lactina-Plus Breastpump

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