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Medela Breast Pumps (All)

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Only pump I tried


The machine it's self was ok, never tried another brand since they cost so much. I never really got enough milk when I pumped but maybe that's just my body.


Hartland mi


Medela Breast Pumps are the best!


Medela breast pumps are the best. I have four children and have used the breast pump for all of them. I purchased it for my first child since he couldn't latch on. I pumped everyday, multiple times a day for an entire year. Though I breast fed the rest of my children, I still used this pump as back up. Six years later, it's still as good as new. I love how convenient it is. You just plug it in, connect the bottles and you're good to go! I love the different speed and how you can control the strength of the suction. Tubes and bottles are easy to attach and comfortable for your body. The pump is quiet too so baby stays asleep. Accessories are readily available at all retailers. The only downside is the price. This pump is definitely on the pricier side, but you definitely get what you pay for in quality and durability. Overall an excellent purchase for a new mother that will last! Durability Lasted four kids!


San Diego, CA


The single Medela breast pump was alright.


I bought the Medela single breast pump as a stay at home mom. I was going to have to return to work for just a few weeks before being a full time stay at home mom, so I just wanted something inexpensive that would still get the milk out fast for work, as well as something so that we could go out on dates. This pump did the job pretty well. At the time I didn't have anything to compare it to, but now that I can, there were definitely a few downsides. First of all, the pump really hurt, I think the size was too small, it seems like it came with a 22 or 23" size (25" is standard). It also didn't have that powerful of a motor, so I would not recommend it for increasing milk supply, just for those that want to pump very occasionally, but that can primarily breastfeed.


West Jordan, UT


Medela makes the best pumps on the market


I have breastfed five children and used several different brands of breast pumps. I highly reccomend the Medela pumps.They are efficient, easy to use, and well worth the money. Medela offers several different styles that offer convenience and accomodate everyone in need of a breast pump. They also offer accessories at affordable prices. The Medela pump imitates the natural sucking of the infant, allowing the milk to flow easily, helping to heighten milkproduction. If I were to breastfeed a sixth child I would defenitely choose a Medela pump.


Lexington, NC


Great pump, but pricey and irritating to clean


I had the Medela Single Breast Pump.  It was a great pump in that it effectively and quickly did it's job.  It was extremely easy to use, and small enough to travel with.  I also used it in the car using an outlet adaptor, although it uses batteries as well.  I'm not sure if the suction power is as good with batteries.  I have had a couple friends who got cheaper pumps, but had problems because they would take so much longer than mine did.  I can't compare it to others, because I haven't used others, but there are a few things that I don't like about it.  I hated having to clean all the little parts.  There were five items to take apart and clean after every time I pumped.  Also, I would always get moisture into the tubes.  It said in the directions if you got moisture to just let the pump run without being attached to anything for a while until the moisture goes away, however, I had to do this every single time I used it.  Overall, these are probably problems that most pumps have, and I would recommend it!


Carol Stream, IL




What can I say about this product, well it is the best.... I am a strong believer in breast feeding your child and I have tried so many pumps and Medela, they are they best I will never go with anyone else.  They are a little expensive but so worth it


Cary, IL


could not of lived without it


I was determined to breastfeed my kids!  I was not prepared for the PAIN!!!  I bought the breast pump, and started pumping once a day immediatly.  For me it was what kept me going.  Knowing I could pump and once a day give a bottle, it made me push through.  The medela was easy to use, very comfortable.  It is great to be able to plug it into the wall, and pack it all up to bring with me if needed.  I love that this product allowed to me have freedom to love breastfeeding!


Oak Ridge, NJ


Great Manual Pump


I purchased the Medela Manual Breat Pump in 2008 right after my daughter was born.  Although I exclusively breastfed, I wanted to pump a little milk to freeze just in case and to relieve the occassional pressure.  After reviewing various pumps, I chose this one because of the brand and rave reviews.  I have to say that I am glad I chose this one.  Medela created a high quality manual breast pump that works great for occassional use.  The lever is easy to squeeze and the opening is made out of a soft rubber that fits nicely against your breast.  It is therefore easy to use and the best part - you can place the pieces on the top rack of the dishwasher for easy clean up and to sanitize!  Becasue it's a manual, you can also decide how quickly (or slowly) you want to pump by putting the proper amount of pressure on the lever.  This was important for me as a beginner who was leary about using a breast pump.  I quickly discovered that it really didn't hurt to pump using this product! If you're planning to pump often, I probably wouldn't recommend this product because you'll be wasting a lot of time pumping. But for occassional use it's great!  I've never had any issues with this product and highly recommend it.


Sayville, NY


Medela succeed were other brands failed


After having twins and after-labor complication, I really struggle to draw milk. The first brand I tried require 40 to 60 minutes in each breast to get anything. Needless to say I was hurt and exhausted. My doctor recomended Medela and I used it both with the pump or manual. It really worked and I coud do in 20 minutes what I did in hours before.


Stockton, CA


it was very awkward as a first time mother


As a First time Mother and having my baby as a premature baby, my baby was born 31 weeks early and was rushed in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) I had to breast-pump because my baby wasn't able to go directly on the breast due to being on a breathing machine so when they brought me the breast-pump in my hospital room I looked at it like "what the heck is that for" then they told me I had to pump breast-milk so my premature baby could get that first milk to get her immune system, Breast Pumping was very awkward and kinda uncomfortable due to it applying sucking pressure especially with your breast already being sore and being swollen due to producing milk, also due to sore nipples and them being chapped too. I do recommend Breast-pumping because its for the baby and to help them get their immune system and they get their nutrition from the milk that comes from the mother. I think its good for the baby and their nutrition especially in the situation I went through for my baby being born early


Gardena, CA


Medela Breast Pumps (All)

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