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MedTech Products
MedTech Products The Doctor's Brush Picks

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Best Toothpick Ever


I discovered MedTech Products The Doctor's Brush Picks around five years ago while on vacation. I had a filling to fall out and couldn't keep food out of the cavity in that tooth. I used floss and regular toothpicks which did not help at all. I made a trip to the closest pharmacy and ran across the MedTech Products The Doctor's Brush Picks. I had tried everything else so I decided to give these a try. I opened the package as soon as I got back into my car. I used the brush end of the pick and within seconds I had removed the food that had been causing the pain in my tooth. I like the design of The Doctor's Brush Picks because I can reach any spot on or in between my teeth. The brushes seem to grab ahold of any food fast and easily. Since buying my first package of MedTech Products The Doctor's Brush Picks, I now keep them handy at all times.The Doctor's Brush Picks are safe and easy to use. I would definitely recommend these to everyone.



Overpriced crap.


MedTech Products The Doctor's Brush Picks are overpriced crap. They hurt when you use the brush side and if your lucky it wont get stuck and the brush part break off and get stuck in your teeth. Nothing says junk more than something that gets stuck in your teeth when it is supposed to get stuff out of your teeth. The pick part is too pointy as well and if you are not careful you will poke your gums to bleeding with the thing. I think I will stick to the no name plucker things. I usually do not like to thorw something away if I can use it but there is no good use for these so I just chucked the rest in the trash and just have to take the loss on this one. I will know better next time and stick to what works and not try something new just because it looks like it would work better because obviously looks are very decieving. My wife did not like the either she had the same complaints about them that I did. So a big total waste.

Suffolk, VA


I had high hopes dashed by this product


I've long been in the habit of chewing on a toothpick and wiping my tooth surfaces with the worn ends, so when I saw this product I immediately bought it. Unfortunately, this product does not respond with the sensitivity and texture of a wooden pick, or the softness of a nylon bristle, but occupies an uncomfortable middle ground between nylon softness and wire stiffness. After successfully abrading what felt like a good portion of my enamel along with the plaque that a wooden toothpick or chewing stick would have gotten out anyway, the only real positive thing to be said for this product is that it will not splinter within your mouth.

Pittsburgh, PA


MedTech Products The Doctor's Brush Picks

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