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Meaningful Beauty
Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford Glow Serum

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This will make you glow with confidence.


I am a big fan of the meanningful beauty products. And the greatt thing about hem is that they actually do what they say they will do. I have been using the glklowing serum forabout five months no. I must say I have been very pleased with it. I have also begun to see my fine lines around my mouth, my eyes and my fore head deminish.The glowing serum is made with natural melon extracts and you can smell it when you put it on. I have actually ben told that I seem to glow at church while wearing the glowing serum. And what better place to be told that. I sarted mking sure that I wore it every sunday when I had to sing in the choir.I love the way it makes your whole face feel replenished. The only thing I dont like about it is that you have to wait about twenty minutes before you can put on the dail moisturizer because on days that I am running behind it can be bothersom. But overall I have ben satisfid.


Kenosha, WI


This is my Magic eraser


*  This beauty line, Meaningful Beauty is the best thing that i have spent on myself in a very long time.  I am about to turn 27 and am trying, like every other woman to stop the aging process while I can. I have recently purchased this product line. It is a 7 pc line and every product in the skin care line is amaxing.  However! They have a product called Glow Serum, it is made from an exotic fruit that is found only in France.  I carry this product in my purse.  In the morning I put this on between the Toner and the Moisterizer.  Immediatly I see results.  My skin is healthier looking and it his this beautiful touch of a sunlit glow. It works on all skin types and textures.  I have used many products before and I have never come accross a product that has done so much for me for in so little time.  It is worth every penny. I seen results almost immediately and after 2 weeks I couldn't believe the difference.*


North Fort Myers, FL


Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford Glow Serum

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