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McCulloch MC1275 Steam Cleaner

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Easy to use and inexpensive natural cleaner


I bought this item for myself about 2 years ago when I was had a crawling baby and lived on a busy street so I wanted a more natural way to clean the floors. It is easy to set up, holds a good amount of water and seriously can blast away the dirt. I love using it on the floors, and more so on the kitchen stove and fridge. Performance Is sturdy machine so far, gets bathroom and kitchen very clean. Safety You need to make sure to let the water cool off before opening the reservoir. One time the cap went flying with pressure. Ease of Cleaning Blast away the caked on crud in the fridge without having to shut it off! Ease of Use the button to hold down the steam is very useful so the thumb does not get tired. Durability Good so far. Design This definitely needs some way to carry it better.

Belmont, MA


The McCulloch Steam Cleaner is amazing!


The McCulloch Steam Cleaner truly is amazing.  It does everything.  It comes with attachements for almost any job -- mopping, small-space cleaning for those tight nooks and crannies, metal cleaning -- you name it.  I will probably not have occasion to use all the attachments. Assembly is simple and the unit even came with a screwdriver for screwing in the carrying handle!  The device heats up quickly and you're ready to clean and sanitize in minutes.  You use regular old tap water.  You can pull the cleaner behind you or sling it over your arm with the carrying strap. I have to admit that the powerful stream of piping hot steam is a bit intimidating, as are the warnings and cautions that come with the machine, but you're left with no doubts that the McCulloch Steam Cleaner is doing its job. I haven't begun to explore the entire functionality of this machine, but I'm pretty sure it does just about anything. 

Portland, OR


This product is amazing!


I received the McCulloch Steam Cleaner as a birthday gift.  This product has changed the way I clean!  Cleaning has become much more enjoyable and quick!  The first time I used the Steam Cleaner I wasn't convinced that it was as great as I had heard.  But, the more I used this product and learned how to use all the attachments, the more I fell in love with it!  I had been using Lysol type wipes to clean my bathroom counters.  One of the first things I noticed after replacing those with the Steamer, was how much more my counters shined!  This product leaves no chemical residue so the end result is shiny, clean and sanitized!   I have used the little scrubber attachments to clean tile grout.  I was shocked at how easily my grout went from brownish gray to white!  I have used this to clean windows as well!  I can't believe how quickly I can clean my windows!  My favorite use of this product is for cleaning my wood laminate and tile floors.  I use the floor attachment with the cleaning cloth attached and it makes my floors sparkle without much effort!  I love that Steam Cleaner truly gets things cleaned and sanitized with minimal effort.  Cleaning at my house is much more fun than it used to be thanks to this product!

Mackinaw, IL


McCulloch Steam Cleaner gets everything clean


I use my McCullough steam cleaner in the kitchen and bathroom and on windows and floors. It gets things cleaner than you thought they could be. Great for cleaning all appliances including microwave, refrigerator, freezer, oven, stove and dishwasher. The steam has so much force that it gets in all those nooks and crannies. You don't have the harsh smells of chemical cleaners in your house but all surfaces are completely sanitized. I read another review that complained that the steam was "not hot enough." In order to produce steam you need to reach a very hot temperature so that makes absolutely no sense. Yes you do have small puddles of water because the steam cools and condenses back into water (I thought everyone learned this in 4th grade science!) but that is why you need to always use a clean cloth to wipe up the area where you are steaming. Common sense will once again tell you not to use this product on anything that can't get wet (steam=water) and will not be good at cleaning any of you fine cardboards. For most other things it does a great job!

Saint Petersburg, FL


No more pet smell!


My living room smelled like dog! I frequently wash my dog's bedding, toys, etc. I also frequently vacuum and spray the furniture with cleaner, but I still could not get rid of that dog smell. After using the McCulloch Steam Cleaner, my living room smells as fresh and unlike dog as can be! My only con is that I prefer upright machines to handheld ones.

Oneida, NY


Low heat + low psi = water everywhere


I wanted to jump on the green-wagon and this machine seemed to be a good place to start. No chemicals... what a great idea! The steam that comes out is hardly what I would call "hot" and I have a hard time believing that this thing actually sanitizes anything at all. Let me clarify something for you which I wasn't aware of; this is a STEAM cleaner not a VAPOR cleaner. I googled for a while and vapor cleaners are what you envision when you think of a product like this. This machine left water everywhere and caused more harm than good. I returned it and picked up one of the reliable cleaners from go-vapor. Finally got what I was looking for.

San Francisco, CA


McCulloch MC1275 Steam Cleaner

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