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McCuff Racing Industries Inc. -- No Splash, No Spill Motorcycle Fill

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MCCuff Motorcycle Filler - A gadget that works


This product does exactly what it says, protects your bike from overfill and you from all that useless clicking.  One catch, READ THE MANUAL.  I have seen some reviews where users will crank up the pump to higher flow.  There is absolutely no need to and you risk making a big gas mess if you do.  The manual says use the lowest flow on a gas pump nozzle.  That works just fine and clicks off at the top. My ride is a Piaggio MP3-250 which has an unusual filler location, down by your feet.  The standard unit fits perfectly on my gas tank filler and I get a full tank on the first click. My only regret is that it does not work on my wife's Vespa LX-150.  They have a plastic insert in the gas filler that prevents the McCuff filler from getting a good seal. Great product.


Slinger, WI


I laughed the first time because it worked as promised!


I live for things like this.... simplicity yet something that actually works as promised.  Anyhow, I've been riding since i was a kid and finally after all these years filling up is less of a hassle.  One click and you are filled up to factory specs on your bike!  Love it and good review before this.  Jake


Phoenix, AZ


Can a piece of rubber really help you fill your tank?


I was watching American Chopper last week and they were building a bike for a company in California called McCuff Industries Inc. The bike by the way was totally bad ass like the other bikes that Orange County Choppers build! ( I tried to get a picture of it but couldn't find one) McCuff is a company that makes a new product specifically for the motorcycle world, although it would work on any gas or diesel powered vehicle as well. It is an innovative fueling aid that is supposed to help keep you from spilling gas all over your nice ride and also fill it faster to capacity without having to keep clicking the gas pump. Does it really work??? Read on.......**McCuff No Splash, No Spill Motorcycle Filler**I ordered it through their website at www.McCuff.com, you can also reach them at 888-7-McCuff. It took 3 days for my McCuff to arrive and I couldn't wait to put it to the ultimate test, filling Lil' Blue. Opening the package I was greeted by a large round yellow piece of hard rubber like material the bottom is made to form a seal with the top of your gas-tank and the top is a funnel shape with a hole in the bottom that is just a tad bigger than a gas nozzle with 4 larger venting areas to allow air to escape through it as you fill up.By placing the McCuff on top of you tank and holding it with one hand, place the nozzle through the top so that the vent hole on the gas nozzle is below the bottom of the McCuff unit. Then just squeeze the nozzle and fill your tank up. I was a little miffed as my tank filled because the gas started spraying through the unit. Once I slowed the flow down however it was fine and in about 1 minute the pump clicked off and I peeked down into my tank. Too my surprise my tank was actually full after the first click and that has never happened before.I was concerned about the gas spraying like it did so when I got home I called them and got a very nice guy named Greg who I found out was a bike owner himself and very easy to talk to. I explained what happened and he asked what kind of bike I had. Once he knew that he explained what went wrong and why the gas sprayed as it did. Seems Yamaha does not have a very good venting system and it causes the gas to come back out when filling. We had a nice long talk about it and I thanked him for his help.Once I got off the phone I went and looked into my tank and inspected it closely and yes I could see what he was saying to me. I attached a couple of pictures so you can see as well....The gas pushes air out of your tank as you fill and with the baffle Yamaha installed in the tank it creates a splash plate just 2 inches into the tank. So when the air rushes out of the McCuff the gas gets splashed into the air stream and comes out the top. By slowing down the flow I was able to stop the spray and still fill my tank faster than ever before, not only that but it was also full with just one click of the pump.So yes it does work as it is advertised, it fills the tank full in one pull of the handle and fills it faster than ever before. Once I was made aware of the small limitation due to Yamaha and not the McCuff it worked fine.The McCuff will work with regular gas nozzles as well as those with the boots on them that some states have. Just make sure the vent hole on the nozzle is far enough in your tank to get below the bottom of the McCuff and then the gas level will be even with that hole once you are full.The McCuff comes with a bag to store it in and it can be worn on your belt (belt loop is built into the bag) or you can use the Velcro strap to hang it on you frame, handlebars or saddlebag. You might ask why would anyone be worried about getting the tank full on a motorcycle that gets 45+ miles to a gallon....Well don't you want your car tank full when you fill up?**Bottom Line**The McCuff works great and even with the limitations caused by Yamaha's design of the gas tank it is still well worth the price of the McCuff, which I got for $19.95 and free shipping plus the storage bag was included. Just in time saved and getting a full tank each time I fill up will more than pay for the cost of the McCuff over just the first year of use.McCuff should be proud to have Greg working for them as he took his time and explained everything and did so in a manner that was not condescending at all. His phone manner was superb and he even told me to call back if I had any more questions and gave me his email addy in case I needed to get in touch with him.


Vincennes, IN


McCuff Racing Industries Inc. -- No Splash, No Spill Motorcycle Fill

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