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McCormick PURE Vanilla EXTRACT

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Pure Vanilla Goodness


The holidays coming soon and it's time to pull out those favorite recipes.  I do a lot of home cooking and baking - I'm always running out of extracts; the one I use and rely on the most is **McCormick PURE Vanilla EXTRACT.  ** I've used **McCormick PURE Vanilla EXTRACT**  for years.  Its pure, smooth taste of vanilla is a hit every time!  I made the mistake of trying a store brand vanilla and it just didn't have the same consistency as **McCormick PURE Vanilla EXTRACT.  **It was not as aromatic nor did it hold up in my Famous Christmas Sugar Cookie recipe.  The family voted hands down that **not** using **McCormick PURE Vanilla EXTRACT **made a big difference. A mistake I won't make again! The ingredients are simply vanilla bean extracts in water, alcohol (35%) and corn syrup.   **McCormick PURE Vanilla EXTRACT **comes in sizes ranging from 1.00 ounce, 2.00 ounces, 4.00 ounces bottles.  I find for the amount of baking I do the 4.00 ounce size bottle is more economical.  And with the holidays approaching I'll be stocking up on all of their other flavors too.  In my opinion **McCormick PURE Vanilla EXTRACT **is pure vanilla goodness in a bottle. No matter what you bake **McCormick PURE Vanilla EXTRACT ** makes it better!

Leicester, NC


Worked great in all of my baking that required vanilla extract.


McCormick Pure Vanilla Extract has worked great for me in all of my baking recipes.  It is very strong and a little bit goes a long way.  The ingredients are the following:  Vanilla Bean extractives in water, alcohol (35%) and corn syrup. Hey I never took notice that vanilla extract had alcohol in it until I watched this talk show where the lady was an alcoholic and used vanilla extract when they took away her alcohol. I kind of wish I found the bigger bottle of this (not for the alcohol content reason) but it wasn't available at my local supermarket.  I have the 1fl oz. one which I usually go through quickly since I bake often.  I usually have it on hand unless I run out of it last minute.  

Garden City, NY


McCormick PURE Vanilla EXTRACT

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