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McAfee Internet Security 2011

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Awful Protection


First, I'd like to say that I've used McAffee for several years prior to getting this 2011 version and I've never had a problem. With all other versions of McAffee I received average security and accompanying features, not bad for the price. But, after I updated to this version I began to have frequent computer crashes and hangs (where your computer just sort of freezes). I didn't have any prior performance problems prior to this installation. After several attempts of uninstalling/reinstalling the problem wasn't going away. I have finally uninstalled this security program and bought another brand of security. The instant I uninstalled McAffee 2011 and installed this new brand of security software my computer began to function as it used to -no crashes or hangs. In addition, there were several "low risk" tracking cookies that this new security software picked up that McAffee 2011 didn't even notice. For these reasons, I do not recommend this version of McAffee there are so many issues that accompany this version of software and the protection itself is far below average-very frustrating and disappointing.

Lake City, FL


McAfee Internet Security 2011

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