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Top Load Washers
Maytag Top Load Washers (Various Models)

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I would not buy this brand again. The one i have senses the load, and the water hardly fills up. There is no way to change it. I believe water is needed to clean clothing, and the water level just barely reaches the top of the clothing. The water does not fill all the way up. It is the energy saving model. The water level barely reaches the top of the clothing. I do belive a washer needs water to do the job correctly. Plus it takes a long long time to do the clothes....Because it senses the load, then after sensing it fills with water, but barely. I have to walk away from it cause i have to keep stopping it to try to get more water into it. and there is no way to do that! you cannot automatically put in the load you want like small, med or large. the washer does it itself. I would never buy another one of these. Plus most of the time, my clothing does not come out smelling clean at all. It still has a musty smell to it., and i know its not my detergent. If you purchase a washer, make sure that you do not get a load sensing one, they are very annoying and i would not do that again.

Tinley Park, IL


Maytag Top Load Washing Machine Performa Series


My Maytag Performa Series Top Load Washing machine performs for me on a daily basis. I am the proud owner of two girls that seem produce more laundry on a weekly basis than your average football team. My Maytag Performa Series washing machine helps me keep up with all that laundry easily. The large basin and different wash cycles are two of my favorite features. I also love that I can adjust the amount of water for each load as I see fit. Another great feature on this washing machine is the extra rinse feature, if you have any sensitive skin members in your family you know that getting all of the soap out of your clothes is very important. The only thing that bothers me about this machine is the fabric softener dispenser... the dispenser sometimes spews fabric softener all over the top of my machine if I don't add a bit of water to the softener when I add it to the dispenser. Over all I think this is a great machine for a family that is on a budget and needs a larger basin!

Saucier, MS


Maytag Top Load Washers (Various Models)

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