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Top Load Washers
Maytag Top Load Washer

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Good, dependable, easy-to-use, washer w/great features + extras


durable, dependable....does an excellent job washing great to remove any lint, (tissues in pockets!), stray human or animal hairs, etc. All these items are collected in a strainer, that is cleaned after each use. Keeps your drains working properly by not having this mess run through your household pipes and at the same time, removes these items and more from your clothing, towels, sheets, blankets, etc. Energy Efficiency no matter how much laundry i do...i never notice a difference in my utility bills. must be energy efficient. it is rated at the time of purchase...i forget it's rating...but it was helped me make my determination to buy this model. Cleaning Time Can select up to 12 minutes of washing time. Great choices! Easy to toss something with very little soil in for a few minutes or let the entire load run for the max....12 minutes for a full, deep clean. Performance Removes dirt, stains, stray hairs & fibers. Entire cycle is efficient and it doesnt seem to take long to run through an entire cycle. Nice for a busy person with multiple loads of laundry to get done. Ease of Use Dials are self-explanatory. Very easy to use. The softener cup is great! Just fill it when I load the clothes and it automatically releases the softening agent of my choice at the rinse cycle time. Of course, on occasions i choose to use no softener, no problem...i simply leave the cup empty. Design i selected the white washer. Fits in fine with my laundry room theme. Looks nice and is very durable. Durability Durable. Have had this a couple of years. Maytag washers have always...historically for my anyway...been good for the long haul. They perform a good, deep clean and the machine themselves last and last. A terrific investment for the long haul.



Maytag Top Load Washer

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