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Top Load Washers
Maytag Top Load Washer

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Great Washing Machine


I was very concerned about buying a Maytag, because I've heard many conerns from customers, and everytime I thought I like a certain Maytag washer, I would not go through with the purchase due to other customer's reviews and concerns.  I finally decided to purchase the Maytag top load washer MTW5620TQ, and I have been pleased with its performance.  It has been very reliable, and I love the large capacity.  It allows me to wash less loads, and save water & utility cost.  This style is old school, but i have no regrets.  It works great, my clothes are clean, and I am very happy.  I appreciate the fact that it is very reliable.  I would recommend this to my friends and family.


Murrieta, CA


Great for all size families!


This washer is great for all size families. Whether your single or have children. I fits in a tight space but has not caused any problems for us. We have it in the utility closet and it runs rather quietly. The only issue there has been is if it is off balance and the clothes just need to be distributed evenly when you put them in. The only thing that bothers me is that sometime items with straps get caught on the rotatar but it has not ruined the machine. Overall, this machine is great. I have washed clothing, blankets, rugs and sneakers and have had no problems whatsoever.


Saint Paul, MN


Best washer i've ever had!


I purchased my maytag washer when I bought a new home, after owning the same maytag washer for 18 years.  I was immediately surprised at how large a load this washer can handle.. The dials are easy to use and offer you a choice of all the different settings  you would need.  I was also pleased with the quietness in which the washer runs.  My clothes always come out very clean and I am able to use less detergent to keep them that way. My grand children come and spend the night often and  we do a lot of laundry.  The price was reasonable and I really can't see paying for a more expensive washerl when this one does such an excellent job.  I am assured that this washer will give me years of  excellent service as did my other Maytag washer.  With Maytag, I can wash my blankets in this model without worrying about it getting off balance, as a more delicate washer would, This saves from going to the laundromat  to do heavier loads.  I would highly reccommend buying this washer if you want a reliable, thorough washer you won't be fixing all the time. 


Kelseyville, CA


Show your dirty laundry in public without a Maytag!


I bought my second washing maching about three years after owning my first washer. The first washing machine was terrible! It left black stains on my clothes that would not wash out and it didn't do a very good job at getting my family's clothes clean. I then bought a Maytag and seventeen years later I still have that same Maytag and it still works great! I had to have it serviced once and it was well worth it. I would recommend a Maytag washer to anyone. This machine has washed my children's clothes since they were young children and now they are starting their own families and so far following my advise they have also become proud Maytag owners!


Omaha, NE


Maytag Top Load Washer

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