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Top Load Washers
Maytag Top Load Washer

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my washer does the job


i have had this for a few years, and i think it works fine. there are enough options and controls to make it work for me. i don't like the agitator models that much, but for the price it works. mine doesn't walk when the load is uneven as in older models.



Maytag is just fine with me.


The variety of choices for buying clothes washers can pose a bit of a challenge to anyone except a laundry professional.  The bells and whistles can be overwhelming.  But I basically come down to: (1) does it clean my clothes, and (2) does it use as little energy as possible.  The rest is just fluff. Maytag also provides a wide variety of washers, from flashy front loaders on pedestals, to "no agitator" models-- but fortunately they make a good, basic WASHING MACHINE that does everything needed without requiring mortgage-like financing (read: CHEAP!) Even on the basic model, I have many options for size, speed, # of rinses, temperature, etc-- but unless I am washing delicate fabric, I invariably use the same settings every time: cold wash, cold rinse, regular setting, no extra rinse.  Works just fine, and lasts a long time!

Palm Desert, CA


Maytag Top Load Washer

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