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Maytag Top Freezer Refrigerator MTB2195AEW

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Better than my last refrigerator.


This refrigerator has been doing its job, I have no problem with it. Noise Level I am sitting in the living room right now and can hear the refrigerator running. If I turn the television on, I wouldn't be able to hear it anymore. It's not too loud, but it is loud enough that you know it's working. Interior Organization The way I have my refrigerator set up, it can't hold milk in the top shelf unless it is on the extreme left or the extreme right. The light in the middle has this awkward cover on it and only small things can fit underneath it. Also you cannot fit large jugs of milk on the door, which is really a downfall because that's where I like to keep my milk for easy access. Now I have to guess where the milk is and usually someone ends up putting something in front of the milk and I can't see it right away. Temperature Control I haven't had any trouble with the temperature control, no freezing of some items, which I had trouble with on my last refrigerator. Ease of Cleaning The shelves are easily removable and I have no trouble cleaning out the refrigerator. Durability I haven't had it for long but so far it's keeping up. Design Great design, I love the built in ice maker, but it will over flow if you forget to turn it off.




This Maytag fridge has stuff I like... and stuff I don't.


We have moved a lot. With one of the moves we inherited a Maytag freezer on top that was bigger than the fridge we already have... and who wants to move a fridge up or down stairs? So we kept the inherited fridge in the kitchen and use our old fridge in the garage for extra stuff and when we bring food in the house that needs refrigerated but don't want to tote it up the stairs quite yet... (our living area is upstairs...). Lots of pros and cons to this refridgrator. Pros first... lots of great storage options. Deep shelves (but not gallon size) on the doors, with a locking compartment for medicines, etc. Great drawers and lots of space in the refridgerator area. The freezer is even better, with wire baskets on the door and a drawer and shelves in the freezer, as well as an icemaker which I don't think we'll be able to live without again. Cons... no gallon size storage on the door. Shelves are nearly impossible to adjust and there is no gallon size shelf area, either. You have to really wrangle your milk in and out of the fridge... and buying quart size for a family of 10 is NOT an option. Plus, the lights are low and you end up burning your hand or bumping the light to try and move these taller items. With all that, we still like it, but I can see how it could be **much** better designed. Noise Level Very quiet. Interior Organization Can find everything I need, unless my kids/husband move it.


Kansas City, MO


My Maytag Refrigerator is great


My Maytag refrigerator is great. It works well and is large enough to store the things I need to. I like the clear shelves and the freezer is large enough to hold all the items that I have to store. The vegetable and fruit drawers are also large and big enough to hold the items that I usually purchase. Plus with the clear drawers and shelves I can see what is in them so I don't forget to use up vegetables and fruits.


Berlin, WI


Maytag Top Freezer Refrigerator MTB2195AEW

4.0 3