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Top-Freezer Refrigerators
Maytag Top Freezer Refrigerator MTB2156GEW / MTB2156GEB / MTB2156GES

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No complaints about the Maytag top freezer refrigerator


I think the Maytag Top Freezer Refrigerator has held up really well for my family. We are constantly in and out of the Refrigerator, and it has worked well over the years. I like the fact that the freezer is at the top because it is very convenient to see what you're looking for. There are also drawers within the refrigerator that you can use to keep fruit and vegetables crisp. It's convenient that these drawers can be removed so you can clean them out more easily. Noise Level I do not ever even hear the refrigerator. It is very quiet compared to my other kitchen appliances. Interior Organization The interior organization is good with the three drawers and multiple shelves. The only problem I have is that I don't organize the refrigerator often enough, so it gets pretty full. Temperature Control I never have problems with food at the front or back being warmer or cooler than food in other locations. The freezer keeps the food consistently frozen as well. Ease of Cleaning I like that the drawers can be removed completely to wash in the sink. You can also take out shelves. Design The design of this refrigerator is nice with the freezer on the top, but it could be a little more modern looking.



average,i love and hate this one


i have a definate love and hate realationship with this refridgerator. let me start by saying i was kind of cornered into picking a refridgerator quickly with out much research or reveiws to go on, my old one blew up during a lightning storm. i bought this refrigerator as a floor model from the store and got it in stainless steel, i thought it was sharp. let me just say this refridgerator runs louder than my previous refrigerator did and definatly makes more noises. and it does take up more room too. the fridge in itself is okay but the stainless steel cover is awful nothing can keep it clean i have steamed it, leaves marks, i have windexed it and that leaves fuzz and streaks and even just water leaves spots so it always looks as if i never clean it, i was severly dissapointed.

Toledo, OH


Good Fride for Price Range


I have had this Maytag Fridge for about 5 years. It has given me no problems, runs well, and is efficent. I have had no service callls or malfunctions. Over all I am very pleased with my fridge. The shelving is glass and slides out easily for access. Having glass shelves is something I value because they allow for easy clean-up. The door compartments are sturdy and easily adjustable. The fridge interior all disassembles easily for cleaning up. I do alot of cooking and have been pleased with the amount of space provided. The freezer is easy to load, the ice machine works well and has level settings. It freezes evenly and I have not had trouble with freezer burn. Wipes clean easily also, as the fridge. Back to the fridge, the bottom shelf is roomy and I keep plasic sliding drawers on it to maximize my space and orginization. The door compartments are large enough for milk and jucie. My only dislike is the stainless front. Next time I will choose black. The stainless requires too much maintenance for me. It has to be cleaned often.

Comer, GA


Maytag refrigerator great capacity for a medium size fridge


What I like best about my Maytag MTB2156GE Refrigerator is that the inside is so easy to reconfigure to hold extra large a huge pizza or a whole turkey dinner with all of the fixings.  Also the shelves on the door can be raised and lowered to hold the tallest of wine bottles.  The lowest shelve holds beer or water bottles perfectly and is easy access.    I used to use two refrigerators to hold all of the items that this one can store on its own.   I never have trouble with items getting too cold in the refrigerator compartment (if they get shoved way to the back on the lower shelves).  The freezer keeps things nice and frozen and yet the ice cream is not too rock hard to scoop.  I have never had an item get freezer burn and there is never a large frost build-up in the items in bags.  The wheels work easily to move the unit to clean underneath.  I enjoy having the luxury of the ice-cube maker.  This is a very practical, well made refrigerator that is adjustable and energy efficient too.    

Palm Coast, FL


Maytag Top Freezer Refrigerator MTB2156GEW / MTB2156GEB / MTB2156GES

4.0 4