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Maytag Top Freezer Refrigerator A2RXNMFW

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This is the worst refrigerator I have ever owned.


poorly designed. Drop down shelf on door should have been a slide out. When you tilt it down everything in the back slides forward, making it difficult to put things away. It seems that the designers never thought about gravity. Temperature Control does not cool evenly. Food on lower shelves that is placed in the back freezes.




Nice looking, good performing, economical fridge.


This fridge suited my needs exactly. Fits in our smaller kitchen, but holds a ton of stuff. Looks good, is sturdy, and is quiet. I'm able to fit a lot of tall items-- milk, soda, juice, as well as have plenty of room for cold cuts, cheeses, and produce. The freezer also has enough room for all the frozen goodies my kids like. We were looking for a fridge that fit our price range and this one was very reasonable. Noise Level It's pretty quiet! Interior Organization Works great for our family of three. Plenty of room for big items. Temperature Control Haven't had any trouble with stuff freezing or going bad. Ease of Cleaning The inside wipes out easily. It's light enough so it rolls out easily to clean the top and underneath. It doesn't seem to "collect" as much dust and pet hair underneath as the old fridge. Because of the color, it shows hand prints a bit more, but it's a good reminder to wipe down the front and cut down on germs :) Design It's not a "bare bones" model, but it doesn't have so many gizmos and extra things that it is difficult to keep clean. It has withstood the kids-- who are not gentle with things.




Maytag fridge that does what it should


Now I know this is not one of those FANCY fridges but this is a GOOD one! It has a lot of room surprisingly and when there are only two people, it does what it should, which is keep my stuff cold and colder. There are settings so you can adjust the temperature. i have my freezer set so high that my ice cream stays cold almost the whole time I am eating it, which is PERFECT for me. i don't like it to melt on me (or in the bowl)! My fruits and vegetables are always fresh as the fridge is set at the perfect setting. I can hold multiple gallons of milk, multiple two litters and or twenty four packs of soda boxes, as well as having a pizza box and it all fits perfectly. If you are simple like me, then this fridge is perfect for you. it is not expensive and it does the job it is needed to do which is maintain your food at a cool degree. I have not had any problems with this fridge. The ice maker is a little louder than I would like but, its an ice maker that is dumping ice....its going to be a bit loud. Overall, I would recommend this fridge, especially if you are on a budget.


Dallas, TX


Great space solutions, a little loud


I love the interior of this refrigerator, but it is quite loud. Noise Level This fridge runs loud. It seems to be a balance issue. If I put something under one corner of the fridge to balance it a little better, the noise gets better. Interior Organization I love the door compartments. There is a compartment that is just right for holding my families water bottles. Temperature Control My husband uses ice packs a lot for his migraine headaches, and the freezer on this model keeps them deeply cold, how he needs them. Ease of Cleaning Everything removes easily and goes back in just as well. On the down side, all shelves and compartments are clear and everything shows! Durability We do have one door compartment that has cracked on the bottom, after about 1 year of use. Design Everything inside is adjustable and/or removable, including the door compartments, so I can accomodate even a Thanksgiving turkey when I need to.


Mesa, AZ


Good Value for the Money


Overall, a well running refrigerator, it is a bit on the noisy side though, so if whisper quiet is what you are looking for, spend the extra money for a higher grade model Design Overall great refrigerator if you are on a budget. Very reliable, keeps food nice and cold and extremely easy to clean. Runs a bit noisy though and the ice maker will startle you the first few times when it dumps a fresh load of ice. All in all, a very good buy for the money.


Cardiff By The Sea, CA


mighty and affordable


Have had it for 2 years almost and no problems there is plenty of room and unlike other refrigerators it has stood the test of my 6 boys for not breaking off the shelves on the door. Not expensive a very good price with plenty of room and it runs very well keeping the food cold and lots of space to put things .


Campbell, OH


This is a very good, reasonable, easy to clean refrigerator.


I selected this refrigerator for two reasons: a) in was NOT a GE, which we had tons of problems with, and 2) it fit, because we have a shorter space to fit a refrigerator. I have enjoyed my new refrigerator. It is bright and the shelves make most things easily accessible. The freezer is very nice and the ice maker makes tons of ice! Noise Level It is very quiet. The only noise I ever notice is the ice being dumped and the tray refilling. Very quiet. Interior Organization The shelving organization if satisfactory. I have a condiment-loving family: many sauces and items they use in cooking, which fill the door space. This leaves very little space in the main unit for more that a gallon of milk and one bottle of juice. Soda bottles, Ketchup, etc. must be stored on their sides. Temperature Control The controls are very easy to access. I have had troubles, though, with any items not stored in the drawers/crispers from freezing. Our daughter is diabetic and stores insulin in the refrigerator. I had to get another dorm style fridge so her insulin wouldn't freeze. Ease of Cleaning Very easy to clean and very accessible! Durability So far, so good. We have only had ours six months, but it has held up well. Design I like the design. It is simple and fits right in to our decor.


Glendale, AZ


Maytag Top Freezer Refrigerator A2RXNMFW

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