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Side-by-Side Refrigerators
Maytag Side-by-Side Refrigerator MSD2456GEW / MSD2456GEB

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Awful and expensive and bulky


We bought a new house that had this fridge, we were thrilled at first because it looked brand new and was better than any fridge we had ever had. But I must say, after using it for not even 2 years, we hate it. First thing, you cannot fit a frozen pizza box in the freezer. At all. Believe me, we tried every which way, every angle you can think of. Nope. So we had to take the pizzas out of the box first and then we never knew what flavors/brands they were. Annoying. Then now all of a sudden, ice builds up on the freezer floor and melts onto our kitchen floor. Enough water to cause alarm. So much water that our stove next to the fridge becomes surrounded. Thick ice layers build up every other day. Googling this product informed me that this model is common to do that (model MSD2456DE). Nice. I don't have a warranty. But that is ridiculous that it was a common issue and the product wasn't made with the best products. Now I will be calling a repairman to fix it, I hope they can, new fridges are expensive! In sum: if you see this fridge, RUN!!

Saint Paul, MN


Gets the jog done for what we need


This Maytag product is pretty standard.  It gets the job done for us.  We use the ice dispenser alot.  It does seem to jam up quite often especially after using the "crushed ice" feature.  We have to completely empty the ice bin to un jam it and make it dispense again.  We just do not use the ice crush feature anymore.

Sioux City, IA


Maytag Side-by-Side Refrigerator MSD2456GEW / MSD2456GEB

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