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Maytag Side-by-Side Refrigerator


This side-by-side refrigerator features slide-out SpillGuard shelves, gallon door storage and a humidity-controlled crisper, so you have ample storage space for your groceries.

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Attractive and hard-working.


I tend to get too many groceries at times and stuff the fridge, but my Maytag takes it in stride. Things shoved to the rear don't freeze like they did in my old refrigerator, and things in the front stay as cold as they should. Just as important; the ice maker and cold water keep up with our demands through the nasty Cincinnati summers



Maytag side by side fridge is alright.


Although the fridge has its downsides. overall I do prefer it over the non side by sides. Ease of Cleaning The shelves are hard to place so they are useful, so I tend to move them every time I clean the fridge. Durability The inside fridge door shelves tend to want to work loose alot and have totally fallen onto the floor a couple times while full of food items! Design THe freezer is a bit small. Hard to fit anything into it or get frozen items out.

Lancaster, WI


Call the Maytag Man - NOT!!!


I purchased a Maytag refrigerator 5 years ago. While it still cools and appears to be in good shape you would be surprised the number of times I've had to call the Maytag Man on this practically new (in refrigerator life spans) refrigerator. Noise Level Not a noisy machine. I occasionally will hear what sounds like a machine gun coming from the fridge is really only the ice cubes falling from the ice maker into the tray. Other than that very little noise can be heard at all. Interior Organization Well organized with large door shelves big enough for a gallon of milk. Temperature Control Works well. Ease of Cleaning The shelves inside are glass can be removed to clean. They are delicate however and taking them out can be precarious once they are wet with cleaning products or spills. They attached to a bracket at the back of the fridge. The door shelves can be removed and washed out in the kitchen sink. Durability Surprising really how many times I have callled the Maytag company about this product. When I purchased it I remember seeing commercials about how the Maytag Repair Man was so bored at work because their products were well man. Well, I've kept them busy. In addition, I'd just like to add, their is no "Maytag Repair Man". They are contracted with your local fridge repair shop.

Robert, LA


Maytag Side-by-Side Refrigerator

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