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Side-by-Side Refrigerators
Maytag Side-by-Side Refrigerator

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Great fridge for the money


This fridge is really great. One of the problems I have with it has a hard time giving up it's ice through the ice maker in the door. You have to open up the freezer and shake the ice box a few times before it let's go of its ice. Noise Level This fridge is very quit, except for when it is collecting water for the water machine in the door, when it can get a bit noisy. Interior Organization It has a lot of space. The problem is that the shelves do not go all the way back so if something spills then it will get all over every shelf. Ease of Cleaning This fridge is easy to clean as long as you do not spill anything. When you do spill something get ready to scrub. Durability My 3 year old son will use the handlebars on the outside of the fridge to climb up the fridge and it still holds strong.


Ogden, UT


Beautiful and Quality Refrigerator!


When our old refrigerator died, I did a lot of research and decided on this Maytag model. We had very tight quarters and this one was just the right size and fit like a glove. Our old fridge did not have water and ice in the door, and I knew that was a feature I really wanted in our new refrigerator. We LOVE this feature so much, and we find that we drink so much more water than we used to, which is great for our health and well being. We also love that the water is filtered, so no expensive and WASTEFUL bottled water for us! I love the layout of the refrigerator side. Ours has an adjustable shelf in it which is also very convenient. The unit is brightly lit and it is easy to see what's in the fridge, even way in the back. I had never had a side by side refrigerator before, so it took some getting used to. The freezer section isn't very big, and I do a lot of bargain shopping, so our extra upright freezer is a real must. If you want an attractive fridge but don't need a whole lot of freezer space, this is a great refrigerator.


Petaluma, CA


Lot's of space...great lay-out!


When we purchased our home almost 4 years ago, the refrigerator came with the house.  I was so happy!  I love having a side-by-side refrigerator.  The lay-out on the refrigerator side is great, it has five adjustable  shelves on the side of the door, I am constantly moving them around, but they really come in handy so you can hold 2 Liters of soda or wine in them.  It has three crisper storage compartments in the bottom of the refrigerator for veggies, produce and meats.  It also has an adjustable shelf in the refrigerator.  The freezer is very spacious.  It also has 4 shelves in the door.  We have a deep freeze in the basement, but the freezer part of this refrigerator works great and is spacious enough that I keep it packed!  LOL!  The water filter and ice maker are great.  We have had a problem with the ice maker, it was making ice, but it wasn't coming out the hole in the door.  My husband played around with it and finally fixed it.  The filter on the water is AMAZING!  Almost four years and we've only replaced it three times!  In our old house we were replacing filters every few months. All in all, this refrigerator is great!  Very spacious and roomy!  I recommend it to everyone!


Harrison, TN


Great space configuration


When I first saw this model over six years ago I thought it was a little goofy.  As I looked at the other models on the floor, I kept going back to this.  I really wanted a side by side and the other models were either way too small or too big.  I rarely fill up the refrigerator side, but often need more freezer space and do not have the room for an extra freezer.  This one works great.  I removed one of the lower shelfs and can stand up about 14 slabs of ribs on the bottom with three more shelfs to fill with other items.  The water filter does a great job with my crappy tasting tap water, too.  It was recalled last year and they put in a new something or another at no cost to me.  Other than that, I have not really had any problems.  I only wish the water filters were less money!  Admittedly, I usually go about 18 months before replacing them and the water still flows well and tastes fine.


Dana Point, CA


Maytag Side-by-Side Refrigerator

4.5 4