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Side-by-Side Refrigerators
Maytag Side-by-Side Refrigerator

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Would noy buy this again if I had the choice


This fridge does everything its supposed to do but the negatives in my opinion outweigh the positives. It can be noisy, and you may wind up with frozen milk in your fridge from temp. control issues. I would not buy this again if given the chance. Noise Level One of the things I wish I had known before I bought this was how noisy it is when the icemaker kicks in. Because we have a living area that is open to the kitchen it is annoying and we even had them come and look at it but there wasn't a fix because thats how it is supposed to sound I guess. Interior Organization There is a lot of space to store groceries inside this fridge. The panels are removeable another added bonus. The drawers pull out too which I love for the ease of cleaning element. The freezer section seems small though I think it is just because I stockpile a lot of frozen items. For the average home this is probably a big space. Temperature Control There is a negative to the temp. control in this fridge. If you have it set too low, items you place towards the back top of the shelf will freeze. This is not a deal breaker (just keep your temp on a higher setting) but is another annoying thing I dislike about this fridge. Ease of Cleaning I do not find this fridge easy to clean. Even though all of the elements come out and are removeable, it seems that food gets pooled to the bottom and the very interior areas that are hardest to reach. Its probably just this user. Durability No problems in the durability dept. with this fridge. Everything has held up very well (even the drawers which I stuff full of food most times so its very heavy have held up) Have had to replace lightbulbs alot on this and the filter for the filtered water is super expensive but other then that it has help up great. Design The stainless steel is beautiful. Its not easy to keep clean but it looks pretty. The front of the fridge is not magnetic. It looks like it is (its weird its not) but only the sides which are black are actually magnetic. I wish the entire fridge was stainless. It would look a lot better if it was.

Clifton Park, NY


Not what I expected


We bought our Maytag refrigerator, model # MSD2651HEB and four years ago.  Our previous refrigerator was 12 years old, but still going strong.  We felt it was time to retire it because it probably wasn't energy efficient due to the age.  We also had problems with food freezing on the refrigerator side if it was close to one of the walls  of the refrigerator.  We got used to keeping food at the back or toward the sides of the refrigerator that we didn't mind freezing.  So we splurged and bought this Maytag.  And we discovered the name brand didn't make a difference.  We are having the same problem with this refrigerator with food freezing at the back and sides.  Of course we have  checked the temp. control and if we turn it down too much then the food in the middle isn't kept cold enough without risking spoilage in a short amount of time.  In fact, we keep it at the manufacturer's recommended setting and have tried a lower setting.   Also, on the freezer side the ice maker works great, but over time you get a fine layer of crushed ice on the top shelf.  Apparently some ice particles are thrown out every time you use the dispenser and over time any containers or packages sitting on the top shelf directly beneath the ice tray gets a layer of ice "dust."  If you don't remember this when you pull out a container you are greeted with the ice dust falling all over the place off your container.  But on the plus side, it keeps a good supply of ice in the tray, even during the hot summer months in Texas.  We use quite a bit of ice in our family and yet it keeps up production so we never run out.  Another problem we have is that one of the interior lights burned out and even though we replaced the bulb, it still won't turn on.  I can only assume this is a short somewhere.  By the time this happened it was out of warranty and we didn't want to pay a repairman a trip charge and labor cost to track down the problem.  So we just live with a dimly lit refrigerator. As far as durability, on the control panel where you select "Ice" or "Water" or "Crushed Ice" the touch pad is beginning to crack.  The covering over the selections have cracked around the edges and I doubt it would be worth it to fix it. We have the black exterior and it's easy to keep clean and has kept its shine.  

Arlington, TX


Maytag Side-by-Side Refrigerator

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