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Top Load Washers
Maytag SAV5710 Top Load Washer

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Decent Washer


I have been using this washing machine for a couple of months now and so far it has been pretty decent. Most of the time my clothes come out stain free. I have had to call for maintenance one time. I could not get the water to drain out. The repair man said that the clothes had bunch up on one side and knocked it out of balance which triggered it to shut off completely. I thought that was kind of strange since I have never had that happen before. The agitater comes off as well some of the times which is kind of a pain. It had has a decent sized capacity. I can fit a queen sized comforter in with no problem. To date no major problems. It is definitely a decent buy.

Indianapolis, IN


Maytag SAV5710 Top Load Washer

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