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Maytag Portable Dishwasher

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I Love My Dishwasher!


I love my new Maytag portable dishwasher ! I have owned it for 4 months now and it gets my dishes very clean, no matter what brand of dishwashing detergent I use. My husband and I live in a rental home that is very small, with limited cabinet space, so this portable dishwasher was perfect for us. I did not think portable dishwashers were around anymore. I am glad that Maytag offered one in the area I lived in that was also affordable. A name brand, good quality dishwasher was what I was looking for without paying a fortune. I noticed that on this website many of the portable dishwashers are discontinued. This upsets me I hope portable dishwashers stay around, because they are perfect for small homes or rental properties. My dishwasher is pretty quiet as I usually run it at night and cannot hear it. The time it takes to clean the dishes seems long to me , but I am not complaining. It is such a wonderful luxury to have this awesome machine in our home. We also have hard water where we live and our dishwasher still cleans very well.




A great dishwasher by Maytag


A few years ago my wonderful husband bought me this dishwasher. We did not own our house and wanted something portable to take with us if we ever moved. This dishwasher has worked perfectly. We got the three year warranty but I never had to use it. I have five boys and my husband so we dirty a lot of dishes. It gets the dishes squeaky clean and is pretty quiet. You do need to make sure your children or spouse don't inadvertantly plug the drain with a dish rag or cup though! The water drains down the sink and will overflow if this happens! (don't ask how I know!) Even though you are not suppose to use the top as a cutting board it still gives extra workspace on such as mixing, or using a cutting board on top of it. It has saved me so much time and was worth the investment. It rolls on wheels from wherever you store it up to the sink. You have to attack a special spigot to your sink spigot (it screws right on) and then you attach the hose to the dishwasher. You also have to make sure you run the hot water until it's hot first. I love this dishwasher.


West Middlesex, PA


Maytag is a good company


Our last dishwasher having failed to clean the dishes, this was the replacement, and it works wonderfully.  The controls are very easy to use, it holds a lot of dishes.  My only complaints are pretty minor, the place where you press in to open it, has a slight tendency to pinch smaller fingers (no kids, just small hands) it is also quite easier for a mug or cup handle to catch is the rack and prevent it from pulling out properly.  It is also a little hard to press, and go, as the commands don't always lead to action the first time. The butcher block tops is both beautiful and functional.  The surface is so shiny that cat sees her reflection in it, and tries to attack that other cat. The wheels move verry well, and came preattached, although since this was the display model, I don't know if they all come that way.  It moves well, and takes a bit longer to cycle than most dishwashers, but it cleans so well, that that is fine.


Cloquet, MN


Maytag Portable Dishwasher

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