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Maytag Performance Series Gas Dryer

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This is a great electric dryer!


We've owned this dryer for 8 years. We have never had to have it serviced. It dries wonderfully. We vacuum out the lint path periodically and wipe it down every week. It still looks like new. Load Capacity Ours is 7 cubic feet. We all work full-time and this dryer will dry very large loads. Performance This dryer dries very large loads well. I have never had a load size that it couldn't handle. Ease of Use All you have to do is choose your load type (normal, permanent press, etc.), choose Start and it turns itself off when your clothes are dry. You can mix and match dry time, load size, and dryness to suit your individual load and needs. Durability We have owned it for 8 years. We have never had to have it serviced. The only item we've had to replace is the lint screen which was easily available from Maytag's online parts department. Design This dryer has a very modern design that fits well with any decor. Loads can easily be transferred from the washer to the dryer. It has a deep well with a large opening. It is easy to reach into when your dry clothing needs to be removed.



It's great-when it isn't broken...


I bought this dryer (and the matching washing machine) one year ago. After searching for months for the "perfect dryer" taking into account energy efficiency, Consumer Reports rating and price, we finally decided to purchase this dryer with the gas option. I have mixed feelings about this dryer. When it was delivered it did not work. Of course I didn't know this until I had a wet load of laundry ready to dry and the dryer didn't dry it. Since it was brand new, it was under the factory warranty and a service person came and fixed it-the ignitor was broken. It worked well for several more months and then we noticed that we had to SLAM the door in order to get it to latch and for the dryer to sense that it was shut so it would turn on. Again, another call to the service company and they fixed it. This time it was a broken hinge. Is this common I asked. The service person replied, "No, this thing is usually pretty strong." My dryer gets used for two to three loads a week so it shouldn't be breaking due to excessive use. One last down side: I clean the lint trap after each use but there is still considerable lint build up. I have attempted to clean it with a lint brush especially designed for dryers and the way this is constructed makes it difficult to get all the excess lint. I imagine that this is decreasing my efficiency and it is a fire hazard to have lint build up. Aside from the TWO service calls on this dryer in less than one year, I like this dryer. (But if I had to pay for a brand new dryer AND TWO service calls, I probably wouldn't like it). When it isn't broken it works pretty well. I can put a full load in it and it is dry in an hour or less. It will dry a queen/king sized comforter but usually takes two cycles to fully dry it. This dryer has TONS of options for drying settings. I usually use the same one but if you have a lot of different drying needs-different fabrics or extra wet clothing, etc, you should be able to find a way to dry them with this dryer. This dryer can be purchased at major big box stores and frequently goes on sale at least 10% off which makes it very affordable. I will assume that my dryer is a fluke and most of the dryers of this series do not require multiple service calls the first year. I would purchase this again but I might get the extended warranty...

Ames, IA


Great dryer!


We bought this dryer about 6 months ago and have really liked it.  I love the capacity of it and the speed in which it gets things dry.  From time to time we have to run a load through the dryer again as it isn't completely dry, but this may be from operator error, not the machine itself.  I love the fact that it holds a king size comforter!  No more going to the laundromat or getting stuff dry cleaned.  There are many features on this dryer and I'm sure I haven't even tested out half of them.....that will come with time!  I would definitely reccommend this dryer to anyone looking for a new, efficient dryer!  It's also very quiet and has helped our electric bill to go down!  We did do quite a bit of research before ultimately deciding on this particular dryer.  It was a little higher than our budget allowed, but at this point, it's proven to be a great decision and we will have this for years to come, I'm sure!

Boone, IA


Again, Maytag builds reliable and dependable appliances


If you read my review of the "sister" Maytag washer, you'll understand when I say Maytag makes the most dependable and reliable appliances on the market.  They are "no frills."  They won't cook you breakfast nor make your bed.  They are simnple with very few "gadgets" that could go out.....AND they last forever with little or no maintenance.  Those commercials with the Maytag repairman were true....Maytag repairmen have very little to do because the products are so well built.....Maytags rarely need repair! 

Denver, CO


Maytag Performance Series Gas Dryer

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