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Maytag Performance Series Electric Dryer

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Great Dryer


I really like my Maytag Performance Series Electric Dryer, although I fell like it does not work as well as it did when I first purchased it. You can select how long you want to leave your clothing in the dryer, or you can pick a pre-determined setting. I really like having the fron loading door of the dryer be clear. I think it makes the dryer look more sophisticated, and it matches the front load washer. You are able to fit a large amount of clothing into this dryer, and it drys them relatively quickly and without much noise. Load Capacity You can put a large amount of laundry in these dryers. Durability I think Maytag products are some of the most durable out there. It's also convenient to have local Maytag repair places, so if there is ever a problem with your Maytag product someone can come out and look at it. Design I love the design of this dryer. It matches the looks of the front load washer from Maytag. This is important to me because I like my appliances to match.




LOVE my Maytag Performance Electric Dryer!


We recently purchased a house that had a gas dryer hooked up and I hated it! I drove my husband crazy until he finally made it possible to hookup our Maytag dryer that we purchased a few months earlier. The other dyer fried my daughters bibs and discolored a lot of our clothes. I didn't really appreciate the Maytag until I had to deal with that one. Our Maytag dries everything great, including cloth diapers. We even put our queen sized down comforter in it and with a few dry cycles it came out completely dry! It is very light and easy to move, although I have never had to do so. The lint trap is very easy to clean. After using it for over a year, I did have to suck out some lint that got stuck with a vacuum but it all came out very easily.


Milwaukee, WI


Awesome Dryer!


My husband and I bought our first home and moved into our new house and we were looking for a washer and a dryer. We did our research and checked out so many different dryers. We were actually leaning towards getting a GE dryer. My husband's brother has this dryer, and it immediately stood out to us (especially to me because it's RED). At our old place we had an extremely old dryer that horrible! We decided to get this dryer after my brother-in-law told me how great it is. I can honestly say that I've had no problems with this dryer. It's has so many unique settings and is so quiet and fast. It gets everything dried thoroughly and leaves absolutely no wrinkles in the clothes. I especially love washing my son's clothing in it because it's so fast! I have no complains about it whatsoever. If you are looking for a dryer and are debating which one to get, I urge you to get this one because it's amazing!


Port Saint Lucie, FL


Quick & No Wrinkles


**Maytag has always been a favorite of mine.  On days when I am on the road and away from home, I always check with the hotel even before I book a room.   My first question even before inquiring about rates is, what kind of washers  and dryers do you have.  There is always a pause, as if they are stunned by the question.  Many times, the clerk will sigh and'am I have no idea, but if you will hold, I'll be glad to check.** **If they donot have Matag the sale is no go.  I call other hotels until I find my maytag.  Sometimes, it can take a little while to do so.  Now I know which hotels have what.  Generally the major ones have maytags.** **Life is just to busy to settle for second best.  Most of my friends have different types of washer, but the dryer is always a maytag, especilly if they are inviting me to spend some time with them, and I really appreciate the consideration.  If you do not have or use a maytag, you might want to stop by your local home improvement store and check out the difference.**


Ladys Island, SC


My dryer just went out!


I've always loved Maytag appliances. My dryer just went out and I will be buying a Maytag dryer. I don't know which model yet, I still have to check them out. I would also like to get a matching Maytag washing machine soon after the dryer. I have never heard anything bad about Maytag appliances.


Fernley, NV


Maytag Performance Series Electric Dryer

5.0 5