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Front Load Washers
Maytag Performance Front Load All-in-One Washer/Dryer MHWE500V

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Its a Washing Machine!!


The maytag proformance is a wonderful product that is well worth the price. My family was tired of the old top loading washers which eventually became loud and shook the whole laundry room. We took a chance and bought the maytag performance washer which ended up being the washer of our dreams. Its quiet and very very efficient. You wouldnt guess it, but with the front load washers, you can actually load in more laundry than the top load washer and dryers. It even seems that they clean the clothes better too. The maytag performance requires less water per cycle, which saves a good amount of money. It also uses less detergent which is great because it saves less trips to the store to buy more. Another great feature with the maytag performance is that it has suds detection and has some way of preventing it from becoming filled with suds. This washer is filled with many options that a regular washer just does not have. Options such as delayed start, 3 soil levels, time release detergent settings and many more. Overall this is a great washer well worth the price that does much more than anyone could ask.


Raleigh, NC


Does it all


The Maytag Performance Front Load All-in-One Washer/Dryer MHWE500V does it all.  This is my overall most useful Christmas present ever!  It is a high energy effecient washer/dryer.  Not only does it wash and dry my clothes without having to switch them to another machine, but it saves me money on my utility bill as well.  I love the convenience that this machine offers.  It makes my job that much easier.  I also like that it gets our clothes so much cleaner with less soap and water and the drying time is so much faster as well.  This helps me keep up on the laundry.  I also appreciate that it is very quiet.  I can hardly even tell when it is on and can focus better on catching up on a good read.  Another aspect about the front loader is that it is much easier for the smaller children to put their clothes in and help take them out as well too.  The old top loader was just too tall for them!


Chehalis, WA


great washer/dryer, expensive


They say that Maytag washers and dryers are built to last forever, have good quality washes and drying. This machine is no exception. Except that it combines these two features into one machine. It saves a lot of space for those who have limited closet space in apartments (although you need to check the specifications if you are allowed to have this kind of washer on second floor or higher apartments because of the torque and force exerted by the washer/dryer.) At first I doubted that this machine could handle both washing and drying but after using it successfully for a number of different types of washings (color, cotton only, silk only, etc), it's had good results every time. I have not yet tried my home drycleaning kit with it that I had used with my last washer and dryer but most probably that will work too. I am impressed with this machine. The only con is that like many dyers, this machine doesn't have the most amazing permanent press so you have to take out our clothes quickly before they get wrinkled.


Houston, TX


Maytag Performance Front Load All-in-One Washer/Dryer MHWE500V

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