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Maytag Performance Electric Dryer

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Maytag Preformance Dryer


We have had our dryer for about a month and a half and haven't had a problem with it. I really like the fact that its quiet and takes less time to dry. We have tried the Steam cycle for dewrinkling items that might have sat in the dryer too long and were filled with wrinkles and it work okay, I dont think its worth all the hype. I really do like the fact it tells you when the lint needs to be cleaned.

Macon, MO


Love it but a little pricy


This was a great dryer. The timing feature is great. Front loading comes in espically handy. It is soooo quiet you can barely hear it running. Which is so nice compared to our old noisey one. The people who delivered it where simply amazing. They where very kind, efficent, promt and asked if they could take our old one away for free. But we dontated old one old even though it was broken we figured someone could use the parts in it so we donated it. I would highly recomond donating your old one too. I am sure there is somewhere that would come and pick yours up just ask at the retailer where you buy it and see if there is. If not I am sure a google search would pull one up off line. I would check out the big box retailers when considering buying this product. You may not get as good of an instilation team but you will forsure save a lot of money also dont forget to ask about any sales because it may save you a lot of money to wait a week.

Naperville, IL


Maytag Performance Electric Dryer

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