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Maytag PDC3600A 24 in. Built-in Dishwasher

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We have this dishwasher in my office building, and it is just okay. It's definitely a more basic appliance, it doesn't really have any "bells and whistles" or fancy features. There aren't a whole lot of options, just a simple dial for a quick wash, normal wash, or heavy duty wash. As far as noise goes, it is not very quiet, it makes a lot of noise as far as dishwashers go. However, it gets the dishes clean in a reasonable amount of time. I have never timed it but it's average. It has enough room to fit an average amount of dishes. Overall, if you are on a tighter budget and don't care about fancy features like delayed start, air dry versus heated dry, etc., this is a fine dishwasher.


Colorado Springs, CO


Maytag PDC3600A 24 in. Built-in Dishwasher

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