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Front Load Washers
Maytag Neptune Front Load Washer

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Large capacity.


The Maytag Neptune front loader holds a lot of dirty clothes. I like that I can do one big load instead of breaking it down into lots of smaller loads. It does a great job of cleaning the clothes. It's great for washing large items such as comforters or sleeping bags. Another plus of this washer is that it does not need a large amount of laundry detergent. I use a liquid which I like. The soap dispenser is located on the top which is really convenient. The one thing that I do not really like is the rubber around the opening in the front gets moldy if you don't leave the door open after you are done. You need to leave the door open until it is dry. I wish I had known that at the beginning when I first got it. Another thing is you need to make sure of is if you need to put something in after you have started the wash, make sure you hit the pause button. Then when the unlock button shows, then you can open the door. Durability I've had mine for years.



Well investment and would recommend to everyone!


I love this washer!! It is very quiet and does a wonderful job washing clothes. I can wash anything and know it would come out clean. I can wash clothes at night and not even realize it was on. The washer is beside my kitchen, so it not a closed off so if it was a load washer, it would drive me crazy. It is money well spent, when I bought it. Ease of Use The front loading makes it so much easier and you do not have to work about your clothes getting stuck on a center piece. Design Beautifully designed Durability This washer has lasted longer than any other washing machine I have ever owned.

Rockwell, NC


Mold catcher... I wouldn't buy it again. Good thing i got a deal


Uggg... I am getting ready to purchase a new washer because this one is getting gross. I am a very clean person ... and this washer just COLLECTS MOLD! No matter what I do, the seal around the front end washer gets moldy. I have actually found this to be true on a number of review sites, so its just not my washer or my (city) water. I would not but this unit.

Sylvania, OH


Love this Maytag Neptune MAH55FL Front Load Washer


I have had this washer a couple years now and just love it.  I think it does a really good job cleaning our clothes.  I like not having an agitator. The options available are easy to use and practical.  It uses high efficiency(he) washing detergent.  I like the idea that I am using detergent that may be better for the enviroment.   The only real negative about this particular machine to me is the capacity.  I wish I had gotten a model with a larger capacity.

Cumming, GA


Maytag Neptune Front Load Washer

4.0 4