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Front Load Washers
Maytag Neptune Front Load Washer

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Has a large load capacity and is great


The washer is great, it is great because it has a large load capacity, the controls are digital. It also has a lot of washing options which is great. The exterior looks very nice and beautiful, it is also a front load washer. What I noticed was the door which is very secure when opened or closed. I also like the timer display that displays the time when your clothe will be done. Cleaning Time The front load washer does not take that long to wash clothes, it also has a large load capacity. Performance The performance of the washer is great it works very good. It can wash large loads and the results are great. Ease of Use The washer has front panel controls and is kind of hard to use at first but after a while I started getting used to it. I also like the digital controls on the front panel. Design The washer has exterior is easy to clean and it has a top detergent opening so you can put detergent in from the top of the washer which I think is very useful, it';s great because I can put detergent in it without making a mess, nice and clean. It has a timer that tells you when it is going to be done washing clothe, which I like a lot. There are also different settings that you can use when washing clothe, you can select from cotton or delicates and also a couple other different ones.



Still runs, but has some problems


We have owned our Maytag Neptune washing machine for nearly 10 years. When we bought it, we were looking for a front-load machine to save water as well as wear and tear on our clothes. I wish I had done a little more research on it because I've heard of a lot of people having various problems with it. Here are the good things about the washer: It uses very little water (and also needs very little detergent to get a load clean) because it is front-loading and it is very efficient. There are lots of different settings/functions - water temp, cycle type, soil amount, etc. - all of which make laundry a lot easier (no more handwashing delicates!). It also has a huge capacity, big enough for our queen comforter to be washed, although it's a little too crowded to get that completely clean. The bad things are a bit more numerous: The rubber ring inside tends to mold - something that can be prevented by keeping the door open, but with a cat and kids in the house, I don't want to do that. The washer is quite loud (maybe ours is unbalanced, but we've tried to level it and nothing has helped). Third, our circuit board has malfunctioned to the point that I have to unplug and replug in the washer every time I start a load to reset the mechanism so that it lets me select a cycle (and several of the options aren't available any more because of this malfunciton). Once this one goes the way of old washing machines, I will definitely do some better research and look into a washer that is a little more reliable. It's lasted a good while, but as much as we paid for it, I'd rather it lasted another 10 years!

Lewisberry, PA


Great, Dependable Maytag Neptune Washer


We purchased this Maytag Neptune washer in October 2002 and it has not let us down yet.  After 8 years, it works as good as the first day we got it.  Our clothes always come out clean and they still look new wash after wash.  We have not had one problem with this washer since we got it.  The only complaint I have with it is that the inside rubber ring has mold in it.  After doing some on-line research, I found out that after you are done washing you need to leave the door open so the ring can dry out.  I was always shutting it and that is why it molded.  Since I have started leaving the door open after I am done washing, there hasn't been any new mold.  I have not found anything to that will clean the old mold off of the ring though.  I love all of the different settings.  Its nice to be able to a quick wash and I also liked the heavy soiled cycle for my husband's work clothes.  With a family of 5, I think I probably average 10-12 loads a week.  So this machine has got a workout from me and it still works great!

Mitchell, SD


Ten years and it's still kicking!


I love this washer. My husband and I bought it ten years ago when we got married. Many times over the years we've said, "Wow, I'm glad we spent the extra money and bought the Maytag Neptunes." I am convinced that our clothes have lasted longer in much better condition than if we'd bought a lesser washer. At one point a friend and I bought identical shorts for our sons at Old Navy. At the end of the summer her pair of shorts was almost unrecognizable from mine. The fabric was pulled out of shape, worn and destructing. Our still looked great (the shorts were made of grey corduroy). I love the quick wash cycle. It washed clothes in about 24 minutes. I love the digital display that gives you a countdown of the time left in the cycle. It has a pleasant beep with adjustable volume. In one house we lived in, the washer and dryer were not in the same room together. When one of them is done, the other beeps (I think the washer beeps when the dryer is done). I just think that is so neat. And the dryer tells you a countdown of how long the cycle will take based on the options you chose in the wash cycle. It's like they talk to each other! Yes, I sound crazy. I don't like that the rubber gasket that connected the wash drum to the door of the washer mildewed in the first year (not our fault) due to a design flaw. We thought Maytag would do more to remedy the situation since everyone who had the washer had the same problem. They just told us to leave the door open when the washer was not in use. Unfortunately the mildew stains will always be there--no amount of bleach will get rid of them. The washer is also crazy loud in spin cycle, but it's never really bothered me. Now that it's ten years old is had an ominous rattling sound. Hopefully it isn't anything too serious, because I expect it to give us ten more years of service!

Gold Hill, OR


The Maytag Neptune MAH5500B Front Load Washer is dependable.


I'm very happy with this front load washer.  We have a large family and typically run 2 loads/day and it never fails.  The large choice of settings help us select exactly what we need and is gentle on our clothing.  Having the option for the Hand Wash and Delicate cycles have saved me so much time from standing over the sink washing by hand.  There are also many other options to choose from including wash temps, presoak, stain cycle, wash delay and many more!  Being an air tight seal, you must remember to leave it open when not in use otherwise it gets musty inside.  Same will happen if you leave clothing inside for too many hours after they are washed.  The only thing I would like to change would be the the dispenser for the fabric softener.  It seems that unless you have it sitting just so, you may have water sitting inside after it's finished as wells as softener at times.  Over all we love it and I would recommend it to anyone!

West Bend, WI


Maytag Neptune Front Load Washer

3.8 5