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Maytag Neptune Front Load Stacked Washer/Dryer MLE2000A

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Very long lasting, but not perfect.


We had this washer/dryer stacked set for what seemed like an eternity. It completely functioned, and washed clothes very well. It was very durable, and lasted for years and years. The problem is that when it does get bad, it is extremely expensive to fix. This thing happened with mine where it started sounding like a 747 jet when it was towards the end of the wash cycle, and it was too hard to fix it. We just ended up getting a new one.



Maytag Neptune Stacked Unit worked great for the first 5 years"


I bought my **Maytag Neptune Front Load Stacked Washer/Dryer MLE2000A **unit in 2002. It worked great for the first 5 years. After that there were issues with the washer draining properly, washer became rather loud, unable to handle small loads (they'd end up soaked) and large loads (like bed linens) weren't getting properly cleaned (dry spots, didn't smell clean either). Dryer after 5 years of normal usage began to burn/overheat clothing even on medium setting, didn't full dry things (even after the dryer duct had been cleaned and the lint filter was cleaned after each load), wouldn't dry small loads (took several cycles), and started to get loud after 5 years of usage. This unit is now so loud that even with the tv at full volume (and we have a very good surround sound) you can't hear the tv or hold even a conversation without shouting. Definitely not worth the money as a long-term investment. Don't plan on keeping the unit for more than 5 years. We are replacing the unit per recommendation of a repair person who came out to unclog the hoses and find out where the leaks were occurring.

Arlington, VA


Maytag Neptune not worth the money


The maytag Neptune washer is horrible is broke after 6 months of owning it and maytag wont says warranty is up and the cost to fiix it is not worth it I can buy a brand new washer. Although the dryer is awesome and works great. I am jus t really ups et about the washer.

Westtown, NY


It has a great dryer but the washer is horrible


The dryer is awesome and runs great but the washer broke after 6 mos of owning it and it is too expensive to fix it. It does not spin out properly so all the clothes are still soaked with water. I had to go but another washer.

Westtown, NY


Maytag Neptune Front Load Stacked Washer/Dryer MLE2000A

2.0 4