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Top Load Washers
Maytag Neptune FAV6800AW Top Load Washer

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Planned obsolescence


Off-shore built junk, designed to fail and expensive to fix.



I love this product


I absolutely love this washing machine! The top loading makes it easier to put the clothes in it and as a mother anything that makes life easier is a blessing! It uses less soap then the traditional washer and it cleans my clothes efficiently! I will never go back to any other type of washer! Customer service is wonderful for Maytag which I can not say about a lot of products! If you are trying to go green, this washing machine will help you do it! I was so delighted with this product I ended up going back and buying the dryer as well! Energy Efficiency Uses less water and less detergent this a great product if you are concerned about the environment! Cleaning Time It cleans in a short amount of time! Very happy with this product! Performance I could not ask for any better quality or performance from this machine! It is in my opinion the best product on the market for clothes! Ease of Use The top loading function makes it so much easier to load and unload especially if your doing multiple loads in a day after a long day of work. Design It isn't ugly like some washers are. Durability Works wonderfully!



I don't know what happened!


I used this machine without fail for 8 years, no problem. One day out of the blue, it wouldn't drain! I read online that it was common & to hit the drain button, to release the water and unlock the door. That worked, but my machine didn't! I since, had to buy a new washer. Now I have a GE. They service their own machines, & I don't have to deal with an outside company. All in all, the machine w fine, just didn't expect to have to replace it after only 8yrs. Durability Only lasted 8yrs.

Middle Island, NY


Does not live up to the brand


I have to say that this was the worse washer that I have ever owned. Problems after problems and it took Maytag forever to get to my house, find a technician who knew what they were doing, and to get parts ordered. I was so disappointed with the company.

San Antonio, TX


Highly Recommended


We purchased this washer about 2 1/2 years ago and have been really happy with it. I love that it is a High Efficiency washer but still top loading. I have friends who have HE washers that are front loading and have lots of issues with mold growing. I have not had ANY of that with this washer. And because it is top loading, my appliance man said that we don't actually need to use HE detergent either. It washes well, has numerous cycle selections but not too many to be annoying, is relatively quiet and has an option to ring when the load is done (that can also be turned off). Absolutely would recommend!

Lancaster, PA


Maytag Neptune FAV6800AW Top Load Washer

3.2 5