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Maytag Neptune Electric Dryer

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Can't live without it...


Superior product that lives up to its claims! Hassle-free. Has freed me from ironing, hand-wahsing, and dry-cleaning bills. Handles long pants and dresses in the long section on the right, and sweaters and delicate shirts on the shelves on the left. [Shelves and hanging space can be reconfigured to meet your own needs.] It has prolonged the life of my bras and kept them stored away while they are drying instead of being hung out in public. Load Capacity Handles king size sheets with additional items. Nice size drum ideal for large family. Performance I wish the hot setting would get a little hotter, but gee whiz, if it did, it wouldn't be as efficient. Guess I can't have everything.... Ease of Use No more killing myself to get to the dryer just as it ends. "Wrinkle protector" at end of cycle really does work, even on the most sensitive of fabrics. Design Ergonometrics are excellent.




Top drying cabinet is incredible for prolonging clothing life!


I have always been a fan of hanging my shorts, delicates, etc. to dry rather than running them through a dryer cycle to prevent the clothing from fading, stretching, shrinking, etc. so when I saw this dryer, it seemed like the perfect choice for my family. With the top drying cabinet and its removable shelves, it is useful for drying sweaters flat on the included drying racks as well as shaking the wrinkles out of clothes that are hung up in the cabinet. The bottom compartment is spacious, allowing even king-sized comforters to be dried with ease. There is a sensor-dry feature and an air fluff setting; temperature choices range from air dry only with no heat to regular heat setting. I had this dryer with no problems for almost four years; however the only thing preventing me from rating this product with five stars is that the motor burned out in the top drying cabinet twice, and the second time Maytag was not able to replace the motor as they have stopped making the replacement parts needed for the repair. I still use the bottom dryer for the rest of my clothes and love the results.


Frisco, TX


I really like the option of the upper dryer unit for my delicate


I love this dryer. I have had it for 5 years. I really like the upper dryer option for my delicates that I want to hang or lay out to dry. I can steam wrinkles out of clothes in it as well. I no longer have clothes drying in the bathroom. The dryer is very good on all other items. It is big enough to dry large quilts and sleeping bags. The only negative to this dryer is the lint trap system. If the trap gets overloaded the lint can fall into the bottom of the unit clogging up the exhaust. It is difficult to remove and effects the efficiency of the machine or create a hazzard.


White Salmon, WA


Dryer is awsome, love the option of the upper drying section


I hestiated buying this Maytag dryer because of the price.  But the upper drying section is what sold me on this dryer.  I wear a lot of sweaters that need to lay flat to dry.  I used to lay them all over the kitchen counters to dry.  The upper section eliminates this and is also great for other clothing that you do not want to put in a regular dryer.  I am so glad I invested in this dryer.


Richmond, MI


Maytag Neptune Electric Dryer

4.5 4