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Maytag Neptune Electric Dryer

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Great Dryer from Maytag!


I am not terribly picky when it comes to drying machines. This one is great for my busy active family and does a great job with getting clothes, towels, linens, etc dry pretty efficiently. Now if I have a full load of clothes, which is about 90 percent of the time- The dress shirts do come out with wrinkles and pants as well. But, if done in a smaller load then they come out almost wrinkle free. It is a very reliable, durable machine that I have had for over 5 years and no complaints at all. I do laundry a min. of twice a week with 4 kids and this machine has kept up with the demands we place on it. I can not write on efficiency but over all it does a great job. I would strongly recommend to any family and easy to find good deals!

Fairhope, AL


Doesn't dry that well!


I've been disappointed in this Maytag.  Having been raised on Maytags, had Maytag products all my adult life, I found this particular purchase a bit disappointing. On the sensor drying cycle, it doesn't "sense" the dryness well enough.  If I was gone and left it running, which I would never do, then the clothes would sit in there damp.  I have to start it a second time after it has indicated it is finished. Have had to replace the heating element ~ not still in warranty.  The lint screen is emptied every time I use it, but there is lint that gathers below it and I have trouble getting it out even with those cleaning brushes one can buy. I think I would research other brands the next time I'm in the market to see what the reviews state about the various producs.

Riverside, CA


I love my Maytag!


Maytag is one of the top brands, and this dryer shows just why. I  have both the washer and dryer to this set. I love it because it is gentle on my clothes and they come out looking great.I love that I have so many options for cycles. I also am in love with the look and design of the dryer and washer set. They are sleek and I love the redesign of Maytag's logo. I have had mine for over five years and have only had to repair the washer once, and it was something trivial and fairly inexpensive. I have dealt with Maytag repair people many times in the past and have never had a problem. They get the problem fixed and are lovely to interact with. You pay for quality and though Maytag being a little on the expensive side it falls into the same category, a little pricey but well worth the extra money in the long run. I would defintiely recommend the Maytag Neptune washer and dryer. Maytag does it again!

Gresham, OR


I was not too impressed with my Neptune dryer.


I spent more than I should have on this dryer. I was looking forward to having it because it seemed like a much better dryer than a standard model. We have had to replace the mother board within 5 years of buying it. The thing I dislike the most is how hot the top gets while running. Otherwise, it does dry well.

Haines City, FL


Maytag Neptune Electric Dryer

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