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Maytag Neptune Dryer Model #MD68

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Big Dryer good controls


The dryer is very beautiful and elegant. It is very big and it has a lot of control on the front panel which I think is cool. It is all digital and that is what makes this dryer very good. It has a white exterior and is easy for me to clean, it has a lint filter inside the dryer which keeps my dryed clothe lint free, other then that this dryer is not high maintenance to me. Load Capacity This dryer has a very large load size and I like it. It is larger then regular dryers by a lot. I usually wash one full basket of clothe and my clothe always come out clean. Performance It drys clothes very fast, it has a large load size which is great for me. It has settings for all of my clothe. Ease of Use It is kind of hard to use but I got use to it after a while. It has front panel controls with a lot of options, all digital. It is all useful to use to me and great to have. Durability It is very easy to clean and that is great. Design The dryer has a front load design, the door opens out from the front, which is good for taking clothes out easier.




great machine that can handle a large load of towels or jeans


I was given this machine. It has been very easy to use and keep clean. I have had no problems using it. The controls are easy to read and the buttons are clearly marked. My children have had no problem using this machine. I am happy to say that I will keep this machine until it stops working. If the cost is too prohibitive to repair it I may look at another model manufactured by Maytag. This is the first Maytag that I have owned. I am quite happy at how quite it is and how cost efficient it is to operate. I have noticed a decrease in my electric bill since I have started using this dryer. The lint screen is sturdy and should last for a long time, The space between the lint screen and the door does not seem to get as much lint stuck to it as my old dryer did, but there is a bit of a gap where the lint does get stuck inside the lint screen holder. I am able to put most of my hand inside the space to get out any lint that gets stuck inside, The barrel of the machine is smooth and does not catch on any of my hose or fine linens. I am glad that I have this dryer. Keeping clothes clean for my family is a big job and this machine makes it a lot easier. I wish that I had gotten it many years ago. I do at least one load of laundry everyday. The wrinkle feature is a great addition, if I forget to take the clothes out of the dryer the night before, I can just run it for a few minutes in the morning and nothing comes out wrinkled.




The best dryer I have ever owned


I absolutely adore this dryer. It dries clothes faster then other machines and the digital read out helps you keep track of how long you have before clothes are dry! I bought this after buying the Maytag Neptune washer and they are a perfect fit for my family! The quality of Maytag never ceases to amaze me and I would recommend this to anyone with pets! I have a German Sheppard and getting the hair out of clothes isn't always easy but this dryer always catches the hair in the screen to where everyone at work doesn't even realize I own pets! Load Capacity You can get a lot of clothes in here and they still get dry! It has made my life so much easier and as a mom anything that can simplify things is worth the price! Performance Dries everything perfectly and doesn't leave my garments wrinkled! Ease of Use very easy to use ! Durability It can stand up to all the loads of clothing and comforters I have to dry in this machine! Even blankets get totally dry the first time around. If you want to save on your electric bill this dryer is for you! Design Very nice looking!




effective and durable


Have used this dryer for years.It dries fast and in a effective manner,it seems to be a little noisy,when it spins very hard and with certain external factors the motor would start doing a very hard loud noise,a problem that can be remedied by proper lubrication and maintenance.The white paint resist heat in a very integral way,and after years of use the surface is still white and shiny..The front door is very sturdy and does not any signs of oxidation after many years.The control buttons are very durable but somehow not as strong and bob fragile as one should expect,they have lasted even still.The size of the load that can hold it is rather small and if it is overloaded it might produce a very loud noise,something that might also happen when not properly maintained or lubricated.The dryer is designed with a door in a rather high location,that it is not completely flat.which could add to flexibility and convenience of usage .The designed is a little pragmatic and sturdy but it is effective,functional and long lasting many respects.It might have some fragilities in the design and materials.It works and seems to last at least 3 years or more,with no need for heavy maintenance and repairing.Recommend it for small spaces and people that are thinking mostly on fuctionality versus exterior luxury or looks.


Miami, FL


Maytag Neptune Dryer Model #MD68

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